Fearless Hyena 2

1983 [CN]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by winner55 2 / 10

patched together Low Wei junk

There some good bits pieced together from outtakes and other films; but this is not Fearless Hyena II, there IS no fearless Hyena II.

After Jackie Chan finally got out of his contract with Lo Wei, Lo Wei too the le4ft-overs from Chan's last film with Lo Wei's production company (fearless Hyena, obviously), which Chan himself had written and directed, and pasted it together with no rhyme or reason other than to make some extra dough.

A more cynical hack than Lo Wei could hardly be imagined.

Fearless Hyena is an excellent film.

This "II" thing - total junk. Skip it.

Reviewed by SamuraiNixon 4 / 10

That long-haired hippie!

In cinema, regardless of country, there is a tendency to try to capitalize on the success of a film by remaking it Ad Nauseam. The most common approach is the sequel. Generally sequels will never perform as well as the original (there are exceptions such as Godfather and Drunken Master). When the star of the original film will not appear in the sequel this is normally a recipe for disaster. However, this does not compare to when the lead actor leaves during production (either through death or other problems) yet they continue on with the project trying to complete it. This happened with atrocities such as Trail of Pink Panther and Game of Death when they employed such fraudulent techniques as splicing in old footage, using body doubles while mixing with the original material to create an Ed Woodian style of film. This would also happen with Fearless Hyena II.

With the success of Fearless Hyena there was obviously going to be a sequel. Jackie Chan decided to leave for the greener pastures of Golden Harvest during the early filming of movie. Now instead of quitting production, Lo Wei obtained the rights to produce this film, part of the infamous bargaining agreement between the Triads, Jackie, Lo and Wang Yu and employed the use of old footage, body doubles and mixed this with the already completed footage.

This "sequel" borrows the same premise as the original and tries to follow the same format. Heaven and Earth (Yam Sai-kwoon aka Yen Shi-Kwan who was also the original nemesis in the first film and Kwan Yung Moon), wearing capes to appear villainous and silly, are tracking down all members of the Yin-Yang clan to exterminate them to prove that they have the greatest Kung Fu. Notice that they fight a young James Tien though later in the film he will age considerably. If you take note of every continuity error, or where the Jackie Chan footage comes from, you will probably have more fun watching this film.

We are then introduced to a nude Jackie Chan getting fish, putting snakes down his pants and killing chickens. These introductory scenes of Lung are courtesy of the previous Lo Wei film Spiritual Kung Fu. Like in the first film Lung's guardian (the ubiquitous James Tien) wants him to get a job. This leads to one of the best scenes in the film that is actually left over from the first Fearless Hyena (I am not sure how much extra scenes were originally cut from the first film, but I've read at least an hour or more though I do not know how much still exists). Lung asks to get a job from Jaws Four (a great part from Dean Shek) in a restaurant and results are similar from his previous job with the other brother (a quadruplet) the coffin salesman. This scene is also infamous because of the post dubbing insults that were added against Jackie like – "Look at your ugly face. Small eyes and a big nose. You(r) hair is even longer than a goddamn monkey" and "That goddam long-haired hippie".

Then we are introduced to the lazy son of Chan Chi Pei (Chan Wai-Lau as the Unicorn in the first film) Ah Tung who does have an interesting Rube Goldberg device that was done before Pee Wee's Big Adventure and Brazil (could they have copied this film? :-) Probably not). He is a disappointment to his father (though he has good inventor skills) and has a weak knowledge of Kung Fu. He is also friends with a local malcontent named Frog (Hon Gwok-Choi). Frog is the comic relief in the film (and we all know what happens to the comic relief in a Hong Kong film).

The plot is vary familiar once you have the introductions of the characters and especially if you have seen Fearless Hyena. Jackie is going to take revenge along with his new found friend (who are they going to take revenge for, well I will not spoil that if it is not obvious). This leads to a shoddy finale that has new scenes filmed mixed with the climax of Fearless Hyena. There is no comparison to the awesome finale of the first film.

After watching this movie for the first time I felt it was OK. After subsequent views I disliked it more and more. The biggest problem is the piecemeal approach to this movie. The doubles they used did not look like Jackie and did not move like Jackie (though the one in the beard was a decent fighter). Obviously Lo and Chan Chuen (the director) did not care about continuity and made lots and lots of mistakes in editing. For (another) example there is a good fire stunt in the film until they cut away and show the stunt man in complete protective garb ruining the decent scene. Oh and when they were not taking music from Raiders of the Lost Ark they were using a horrid electronic soundtrack.

The pluses of this film are the contraptions that Lazy Tung creates and several scenes with the real Jackie, especially the scene with Dean Shek and the out-of-place betting scene involving turning a shirt inside out. Though even the new scenes Jackie does not appear to "giving it all" and sometimes appears to be out-of-place. Though some of that is because those scenes are from different films.

I have a couple of R1 versions of this film. I have one of the full-screen prints (there are many of these out there) and the Columbia version. The full-screen print should definitely be avoided in favor of the Columbia version. This has a great transfer, Cantonese dialog option and looks quite good for this mediocre film. The worst attribute is the ever present malady that afflicts most Hong Kong R1 films – dubtitles.

Reviewed by gunsnroses2005 1 / 10

A terrible injustice...

This was a terrible injustice on the director, Lo Wei's part. Jackie quit working for Lo Wei early on in this film. So, what does Lo Wei do? He edited clips and out takes with Jackie in them from the first movie and put an actor with no face, "meaning you never see his face," to complete the ending fight sequence and he then spliced a new movie together. There are only a few early scenes in which Jackie appears that are not cut from the first movie. Jackie tried to sue Lo Wei for releasing such a horrible piece trash with his name on it. However,to my understanding there was a deal cut that would release Jackie from Lo Wei, unfortunately part of the deal was that he would receive all rights to the movies that Jackie made for him. On the up side, there is a great shot of Jackie's butt as he jumps out of the pond while trying to catch a fish!

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