Howling Village



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mohammadirfan274 8 / 10

Good horror with just few visual flaws...

Not as bad as alot of people say. There were alot of scary moments which give you great goosebumps but visually it was weak. It could have been more scarier visually. Overall good horror flick comparing to the modern horror releases. Give it a try!!

Reviewed by mzunah 1 / 10

it bad movie

Very bad weak storyline not recommended for any one

Reviewed by chuaheileng 1 / 10

Failed horror movie

The whole story line from start till one hour later (I left the cinema due to extreme boredom) makes no sense and dumb. First of all, why would you go back to that tunnel knowing the death of your gf is fishy and you suspect is supernatural??? Why would anyone even think of going back and challenge the supernatural? One look at the tunnel is creepy and dark. The "documentary style" presentation in the beginning with the shakiness for almost 15 min made me lost half the interest already. Definitely not recommend to watch, even if u got nothing else to do.

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