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Reviewed by Lennart Kloppenburg 7 / 10

Equally beautiful, not as original as the older ones

Over the last couple of years, a lot of documentaries on wild life and nature have been made by BBC. And we all know that no one does it better than them. When I heard that this new documentary, called 'One Life', would be in the movie theaters, I was immediately convinced. I just had to see it, and I'm quite sure millions of other people felt the same way. I am a huge fan of the amazingly popular and beautiful series 'Earth', so my expectations were quite high.

But I was slightly disappointed. What I saw was another collection of the most beautiful images of nature, another one and half an hour long stream of events. Predator vs. prey, mother and cubs, and what not. It was delightful to watch all the same, but it was far from original, it brought nothing new. That, however, is quite difficult, because there are so many documentaries. But why bother making another one? I haven't seen anything I haven't seen before on BBC's previous movie-making masterpieces.

Of course, if you haven't any experience when it comes to documentaries on nature, this is a very, very good one. It also focuses on trying to show how animals and humans are alike, how we are inevitably connected to the same things animals are, and what we both try to achieve.

I can recommend this to anyone who is not that familiar with documentaries. It is very good for children to watch, because it is very easy to understand. And on top of that; there are of course the amazingly beautiful scenes of nature. But if you have seen a lot more of these (say 'Earth'), then 'One Life' will probably not be worth the effort. [7/10]

Reviewed by ZombiGurl 7 / 10

Fun and Entertaining Wildlife Documentary

One Life is a beautiful documentary about animal life on Planet Earth. There were some really charming parts about the cycle of life showing animals that have caring and dedicated Mothers. I especially enjoyed the Snow Monkeys and the Brazilian Capuchin Monkeys. They were pretty cute and crafty in how they kept warm and fed. Another favourite part of mine were the Elephants marching towards water and the rock climbing goats.

Daniel Craig has a nice voice for narration and the scenery was breathtaking. I don't watch a lot Documentaries like this one, but I enjoyed it.

Reviewed by zardoz-13 9 / 10

Insightful But Entertaining Documentary About the Animal Kingdom

"One Life" is for the most part a brilliant documentary about life in the animal kingdom. My chief complaint is the scene about the shoal of fish where they hide in a crowd to conceal themselves. The birds dive bomb them from the air while the dolphins and swordfish attack them from the depths. I saw this same ritual enacted in another BBC documentary. The rest of the action, like the dragons stalking the water buffalo, the fox pursuing the ibex, and the mouse eluding the lizard, is outstanding because the filmmakers explain the strategy of survival in the animal kingdom. The birds that mate and dance were cool. Basically, if these sequences have been done before, then my complaint would have applied. However, I haven't seen enough animal documentaries to skewer the filmmakers on repetition. I sat through this 85 minute feature and was dazzled by the complex as well as complicated cinematography and the extent to which the filmmakers went to make everything seem so cinematic. The scene about the ants cutting down blades of grass so they could take them back to their ant bed to feed the grass to a fungus that the ants thrived on was fantastic. Similarly, the ants created ventilation shafts to clear out all the carbon monoxide that got trapped in their kingdom that would kill them from the interaction between the grass and the fungus. The sequence about the monkeys using rocks to smash their food so they could eat it was terrific, too. Daniel Craig did a fabulous job with his beautiful English accent in the narration.

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