Shark Lake


Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
IMDb Rating 3.4 10 1909


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Dolph Lundgren as Clint Gray
Sara Malakul Lane as Meredith Hernandez
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 9 / 10

It's no Jaws but it's no Jaws: The Revenge either

When some sharks are released into a the lake at the quiet town of Lake Tahoe, it's up to an overzealous cop who ignores the law, her love interest and a criminal to stop those sharks before the body counts rises further. Shark Lake is the kind of straight to DVD Dolph Lundgren film that i feared that it was going to suck but thankfully it did not and i'll tell you why. First of all it's fun seeing Lundgren kicking a big shark away or punching him in the face so he can let him go and 2nd of all it's a shark movie where people die and 3rd of all it has a big plot device about a woman that adopted this little and adorable blonde girl and her father that is a criminal and tries to do things right and i gotta say that whole plot with the Family and the Custody of the child i gotta say it was quite good and the acting wasn't as bad as some people said it was sure it wasn't Oscar Worthy but it wasn't awful either Sara Malakul Lane and Lily Brooks O'Briant have a nice chemistry together and that shows quite well threw out the whole film and Dolph Lundgren is pretty good too. Now where the movie kinda "fall down on it's knees" is where you get the glimpse on the Shark which is an awful looking computer effect plus there's some of those dumb moments that every single of this films seem to have in common which is some chick with big boobs that kisses a guy inside the water and he ends up dying or just some chick loosing her leg from one of the sharks and i could honestly see those stuff coming from a mile away but even with those problems aside i still enjoyed the movie: is it Jaws kind of level good? Hell no but it's no Jaws 3-D or Jaws: The Revenge and you can see Dolph Lundgren kicking a Shark away for about 2 minutes so your welcome. (9/10)

Reviewed by xeta prime 7 / 10

I Liked It

Seven out of 10 from me. Seems most hated it here. I've seen worse and I've seen better but I have to say I give it points on the writing, acting and directing. The dialogue was believable which doesn't happen often in any 'Shark' themed movie. Seriously, just about everyone said what you'd expect in such a situation which is in my opinion impressive, and makes the movie worth watching. Special effects? I wasn't expecting much and didn't get much- still, I have seen worse but with better effects this movie might have been in better standing. Dolph, always good to see him and though he wasn't the actual star of the film (main character), he was always close and you knew it, which might have been a good thing or not. Can sharks terrify a lake community? Ehh, I knew what I was getting into by the title and was happily surprised overall. The filmmakers did a fine job with what they had and it shows they cared. Not great but well above Syfy standards.

Reviewed by Michael O'Keefe 2 / 10

An exotic shark released in Lake Tahoe.

Clint Gray (Doph Lundgren) is an exotic species dealer that releases a bull shark into Lake Tahoe. Meredith Hernandez (Sara Lane) is a Sheriff Department officer that could easily be a cut out paper doll. She will be in charge of tracking down Gray for illegal animal trading. After Gray is arrested, put behind bars and is released...the bull shark begins attacking people. A vacationing oceanographer, Peter Mayes (Michael Aaron Milligan), teams up with the pretty law officer for an all-out shark hunt. Meanwhile, Gray decides to interfere.

Jerry Dugan directs; CGI is mediocre, and some may find SHARK LAKE is too humorous to be very scary. This flick was partially filmed in Mississippi.

Other players: Melissa Bolona, James Clarke, Lily Brooks O'Briant and Ibriham Renno.

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