Small Soldiers


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 48%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 44%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 89403

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Kirsten Dunst as Christy Fimple
Christina Ricci as Gwendy Doll
Sarah Michelle Gellar as Gwendy Doll
David Cross as Irwin Wayfair
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sam Panico 7 / 10

A movie at war with itself

A Joe Dante movie always like a conflict — a battle between blockbuster and personal statement, led by a filmmaker with keen commercial instinct, yet the heart of a non-conformist. Through it all, one walks away with the feeling that while the film itself may have some rough edges, there's a true love for movie-making (heck, movies themselves) at the core. That makes perfect sense — before Dante was in the industry, he wrote opinionated mini-reviews for the Castle of Frankenstein magazine. After apprenticing as an editor for Roger Corman, he directed Piranha and The Howling, the latter a film that is a veritable love letter to the history of werewolves on film wrapped within a postmodernist take on them. Again, always that juxtaposition.

Perhaps Dante's biggest monetary — if not critical — success was 1984's Gremlins, which is covered in great detail within this tome, as is its 1990 sequel, Gremlins 2: The New Batch. But for the purpose of this article, please indulge some backstory: the former is a cute and cuddly big budget affair on one hand; an incredibly dark, depressing and borderline horror film on the other. There aren't many family pleasing films that detail father figures dying in chimneys and left unfound for months, after all. And the latter is sequel that does everything but scream at the viewer that sequels are inferior cash grabs devoid of art while simultaneously throwing everything that Dante and a fleet of the most talented FX guys and animators can invent at the screen, including Chuck Jones coming out of retirement and an insane Hulk Hogan cameo (look, any movie where Paul Bartel asks for the Hulkster's help dealing with unruly Gremlins in a movie theater demands numerous rewatches).

1998's Small Soldiers is, on the surface, all about war. And again — it's a picture at war with itself. GloboTech Industries — no relation to GloboChem, despite David Cross's appearance in the film — has acquired the Heartland Toy Company. CEO Gil Mars (Dennis Leary) demands toys that play back, so he selects two toylines — Irwin Wayfair's (the aforementioned David Cross) Gorgonites and Larry Benson's (Jay Mohr) Commando Elite — and combines them into one storyline of forces at war with one another. Thanks to a tight deadline, safety testing is ignored and Benson uses GloboTech's overly powerful X1000 microprocessor to be part of the toys — which makes them self-aware. Trivia note — the stolen password that Benson uses is Gizmo, a reference, of course, to Gremlins.

There's another war between perception and reality. The toys cast as the bad guys, the Gorgonites, are caring individuals who want to protect the planet, while the militaristic GI Joe- esque Commandos become the heels.So what happens when they arrive at toy stores? That's answered when Alan Abernathy (Gregory Smith, whose character is potentially named for Clayton Abernathy, GI Joe's Duke) purchases the entire line from delivery driver Joe (Dick Miller, who appears in every one of Dante's films). Alan discovers that the toys are living and breathing sentient beings when Archer sneaks away in his backpack. Upon returning to his dad's store the next day, the Commando Elite have awakened and decimated the Gorgonites and the rest of the store, leaving traditional, non-mass produced toys a smoking wreck.


Reviewed by Kenyae Kofi 8 / 10

Great To See It Again

Seeing this movie again in 2017 brought up great memories for me of what I would watch all the time as a kid. I love how these toys had a mind of their own and decided to attack humans. I thought this movie was hilarious especially with the business man. And also giving the toys to have the ability to gain personality and attack the other toys showed a little bit of a Chucky Doll killing or attack.

Reviewed by jamariana 7 / 10


"Small Soldiers" is a decent enough '90s family film. My only complaint is that the movie felt a bit long, but I mostly liked it otherwise. Phil Hartman was a great addition - sadly, it was his last film. I still love watching old SNL episodes from his run. This film has a creative plot, great visuals for the time, some humour, great film references - from 2001 to Apocalypse Now - and was an altogether entertaining film.

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