The Man In The Hat



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Ciarán Hinds as The Man In The Hat
Aoife Hinds as Garagiste
Stephen Dillane as The Damp Man
Maïwenn as The Biker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by j_norris-95061 10 / 10

Never have I laughed and cried simultaneously, until I watched this film

This film is one of the most beautiful, understated, charming and sensitive films I have had the pleasure to watch. Few words spoken, but with some French subtitles. It's a very subtle but the actors are brilliant.

I smiled, chuckled and even allowed a tear to roll. But my emotions seemed to be in tandem with those of the characters.

Should you dare watch it, you will be gently taken on a charming journey through the beautiful French countryside and meet a series of interesting characters with great actors like Stephen Dillane and Ciaran Hinds to lead you by your hand.

Watching Ciaran Hinds', with his delightful expressions and mannerisms throughout, was 'story telling' taken to another level. I really hope that he pursues similar style films and perhaps, allows us to hear his voice too, next time.

Reviewed by fdhagan 9 / 10

Charming Movie with a Sting in the Tail - SPOILERS

My first review here and felt compelled to add it after watching this movie.

On the surface this is a charming faux-travel movie where the titular character drives through a series of whimsical scenes with recurring characters reminiscent of the famous Monsieur Hulot. On one level this is dangerously close to a French travel advert. What lifts it however is a number of elements - not the least being Ciaran Hinds' presence, Stephen Dillane's mournful turn, and other vital cameos. The key however is the soulful picture of a woman Hinds places on the passenger seat of his Fiat 500 and also the desperately un-desperate pursuit of a motley crew in their Citroën Dyane. Hinds witnesses these characters pulling up and depositing what appears to be a corpse into the waters so in alarm flees from them. This flight is the core of the movie but it is a flight redolent with picnics, charming interludes, picturesque landscapes and inevitably a meeting with destiny.

It is a destiny only revealed at the end and which broke me.

The look on Hinds face in the final shot tells all and reveals the true weft of the movie: it is a serenade to his passing over and putting behind of his life. What was put into that water is all too obvious now and all the whimsy and beauty and loves he witnesses are to help him make peace and move on over that final river we must all cross over.

Am I reading too much into this movie? Possibly. Probably. But something in his face at the end and the fact the passport which is stamped bears no national markings makes me thing not.

Reviewed by funkyphilip 10 / 10

Escape during lockdown, a hidden gem of a movie

Understated gem,fabulous feel good movie, ideal during lockdown. Takes you to another place, in this instance, rural France. Beautifully shot with some stunning scene ray. Calm, wistful film. Don't look too hard for sun plot, or even a plot, just coast along with the man in the hat ( Ciaran HInds) in his gorgeous fiat 500, pursued by 5 men in a Citroen Dyane. That's about the story really, all is revealed at the end, but another story with a Picture of a girl in a frame is never quite resolved ( unless I missed it). But it doesn't matter, there are some wonderful quirky characters in between, and the wonder of this movie, is no dialogue! Some appropriate background music, and the odd subtitles, but nothing's not needed because the faces tell the story, and the scenery holds your atttention Great movie for a Sunday afternoon or when you are feeling low. Put it on your wish list.

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