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Irene Papas as Hélène
Jean-Louis Trintignant as Le juge d'instruction
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tylergee005 9 / 10

Exciting and interesting all the way through

The subject matter itself interested me a great deal, but thankfully the movie delivered with excitement and intrigue. As a modern day parallel, it felt like the first 25 minutes of the newest Jason Bourne film (only coincidence that they both took place in Greece I swear) the editing was quick and punchy, the actors were exceptionally good in their respective parts, and the movie overall just felt cool. Well worth watching.

Reviewed by ballju 10 / 10

One of the best directors of the 20th century

Several of my favorite films were directed by Greek-French film director Costa-Gavras. Z, State Of Siege, Missing, and the Confession. The mixing of the thriller genre and universal political themes not only makes for very interesting films but also thought provoking ones.

His first serious film was Z. A film that won Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. It follows an idealistic judge investigating the killing of left wing politician. A fatal club strikes said politician and a cover up story of a drunk driver emerges. The film appears to end on a positive ending however at the very end those about to be criminally charged seize power. This ending the result of frustration related to the US-backed coup in Greece.

State of Siege was based on Costa-Gavras's and Franco Solinas (The Battle of Algiers Screenwriter) investigation into Daniel A. Mitrone. Mitrone was kidnapped and eventually executed by Tupamaros urban guerrillas in Uruguay. Costa-Gavras read news headlines that changed his description from Official to Policeman to Diplomat. Why would the Tupamaros be interested in an "traffic and communications" adviser?

This movie has a similar outline as Z as both were meant to be frustrating critically commentary of events at the time. The actions look pointless but there are no alternative choices apparent. The urban guerrillas will continue to fight,the government will continue to use US taught torture methods, and US companies will continue to exploit the country.

Reviewed by Eric Stevenson 10 / 10

Weird title

Well, I always want to watch movies that set significant world records and this was one of them. This set the record for shortest movie title to ever win an Oscar. It was weird because watching this, it just seemed to have no meaning. I thought maybe it was meant to represent finality. You know with "Z" being the last letter of the alphabet. Well, it did reveal its meaning at the very end of the film, so I was at least partly right. It says that the letter "Z" has been banned from Greece. Well, nobody used it anyway. The ending is easily the most noteworthy thing about the movie too.

The film tells the real life story of a Greek senator who was killed with everyone investigating his death and discovering it was not an accident as originally thought but an assassination. Then we find out that the country of Greece has lost tons of its freedom after his death with too many things to list now banned. Roll credits. Wow, that was a depressing ending. Well, it was based on a true story so I can sadly assume the same thing happened in real life. It's always great to watch a movie based on real life events, especially one as great as this. I feel bad for having no idea that this event ever even happened.

Then again, I'm not familiar with modern Greek history at all. Maybe I did hear about this guy sometime but just forgot about him. At least we have this great movie to remember him by. Speaking of real life, I really am glad I saw this on the day of Donald Trump's inauguration. I didn't go through all the effort of watching it, but instead learned a real life story about civil unrest and the loss of freedom. I'm always optimistic, but we really need to be hopeful for this situation. As with most films like this, the acting is fantastic. Everything is so realistic because well, the people worked so hard to honor these brave people who lost their lives in real life. While not as good as "Saving Private Ryan" or "United 93", it's still a true gem.

I thought that a movie in French would talk about the history of France. It took me awhile to realize it was about Greece! Well, I'm sure countries can make movies about other country's history. This is one of the most accoladed foreign language films ever made. It's great that we open ourselves up to the great things other countries have given us and even other countries that those countries honor. I didn't know how long this movie was, but I was certainly sad when it ended. Whatever situations give us downer endings in any story, just know there's always the potential for something better up the road, just like right now. ****

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