ABCs of Death 2


Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 73%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 39%
IMDb Rating 5.4 10 7674

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Foreverisacastironmess 7 / 10

Good! Definitely quantity over quality but you sure get enough bang for your buck!

Surprised that this has so few reviews.. I thought this was a very decent collection of macabre short films that mostly focus on monsters and death, and there's a terrific variety to the overlong cavalcade of terror, with some of them being comedic, dead serious, or incomprehensibly bizarre. A lot are enjoyable, not too many are exactly great, but to me not many are downright awful either..very mixed bag indeed! I love the multicultural aspect and how you get to experience different kinds of experimental and artistic approaches to the horror. It's a silly nitpick really but like with the original, one of the real downsides is that it gradually becomes quite the slog to watch if you're planning on sitting through the whole thing with one little tale endlessly going into another, and by the end you're fairly itching for it to wrap the hell up already! I'm only talking about the shorts that I was most impressed by, I'll leave the negativity to the other reviews. "D is For Deloused." Oh what a hideously beautiful work of art, it was so mesmeringly grotesque with all those bug things consuming the fleshy man-like thing and dissolving and spawning new larval crawling filth...oh I just loved it, it's so good! Robert Morgan is so skilled and his highly distinctive brand of animation is so absorbing that, if you're like me, you won't even care that you have no idea what's going on. Yeah that was right up my alley, I dug it! "G is For Grandad." To my way of thinking this grungy coarse tale of an equally revolting granddad and grandson who hate each other's guts is more complex than it first seems, because everything about it from the decor to how the horrible people look and sound feels purposefully designed to be as off-putting and hilarious awkward and vile as possible, and in its own way it's quite the artfully done little piece and it certainly got under my skin! "H is For Head games." I could see how some might not take to this one as it's not even really horror, it's a kaleidoscopic visual metaphor of a 'stormy' relationship, or a very passionate kiss! I sometimes enjoy different kinds of animation, and I thought that one was very fun and eye catching from start to finish. "J is For Jesus" I loved and found quite powerful and moving for how brutal it was. "N is for Nexus." While it could have done with just a little more punch to its conclusion, I thought this cleverly constructed little Halloween treat about people ending up at the wrong place at the wrong time at a specific moment was quite sharply directed and nicely suspenseful, and at the end Frankenstein is dead, and she becomes a macabre screaming Bride of death for real - which I found very cool! "O is for Ochlocracy." I found this loony satire of an undead kangaroo court with people being charged harshly by the 'cured' zombies for the zombies that they had to kill to defend themselves really funny and entertaining, and even a little poignant as the woman is sentenced to death by her own reformed zombie daughter who doesn't forgive her... "V is for Vacation." I was impressed by how brutal this found footage type offering of two guys in a foreign country who meet their doom at the hands of a mad prostitute was, I found it to be one of the more realistically disturbing and unnerving stories. "W is for Wish." Rather loved this madly epic and colourful romp of a child's fantasy turned into something twisted and weird in which two kids get sucked into the 80's Castle Grayskull type playset of their favourite action figures and find that it's not quite as rosy fun and black and white as they look from their side, it was a neat imaginative idea that could make for a cool movie, and it was creepy too, with one of the poor young boys being unceremoniously vaporised and He-Man being a pervert! "U is for Utopia" was I thought a very scary idea of a future society of genetically perfect people in which the ugly are immediately burned from existence on sight! What would such a 'paradise' ever be truly worth if it was built on such a nightmare? "Y is for Youth" I loved a lot, I found it to be a jaw-dropping explosion of insanely bizarre and creative metaphorical imagery, it had a giant burger monster, gross maggot hand, an electric guitar erupting from a guy's head, a French fry vacuum cleaner, it was so super freaky but it sure had a lot of energy and was one of the few shorts that ended on am absurdly uplifting note - hell yeah!!! "Z is for Zygote." This was the real gem of the movie and ended it on a very strong and satisfying note that kind of enriches the whole collective tone of the film by itself. It raised the gag factor by a mile and was easily capable of causing anyone's gorge to rise! The world of Zygote was so sharply realised and darkly rich that it felt like there could have been an entire picture made of it. It's repulsive on multiple levels as a teenage fetus forcibly takes over her mother's skin from within after ejecting out all the bones and organs in an astonishing display of gruesome body horror effects... It's an amazingly twisted tale that's so brilliantly visceral and thematically perverse and strange, you'd have to be made of stone not to have some kind of reaction to it! In the girl's defence she never knew what murder or a father was as up to that point she'd lived her existence inside a hideously distended womb! So no classic but a fun and exhaustive horror compilation horror, on repeated viewings you may benefit more from simply watching the chapters that you do like! See ya x

Reviewed by a_chinn 6 / 10

Hit or miss, but worth watching for horror fans

Like the first film, this is a very hit or miss horror anthology film where filmmakers from around the world (mostly who you've never heard of) made horror themed shorts based on one letter of the alphabet. Most of the shorts are pretty dull, not particularly clever, and most often seem to focus on just being gory (and consequentially pretty boring). However, none of them are longer than 10 minutes, so nothing really overstays its's welcome. The best entries were shorts that acted as if the audience had suddenly been plopped into the middle of a larger story already in progress, which were C is for Capital Punishment (a Shirley Jackson-like story about a mob seeking justice for a missing girl), I is for Invincible (an Evil Dead-like story about greedy family members trying unsuccessfully to kill off the monstrous family patriarch), O is for Ochlocracy (following a zombie apocalypse, a kangaroo court run by the living dead puts a living woman on trial for her crimes of zombie killing), R is for Roulette (a suspenseful game of backroom Russian roulette), and the very funny W is for Wish (a 1980s style He-Man-like toy commercial transports two boys into a gritty version of the fantasy toy world). There were a few self contained stories that were clever, such as F is for Falling (a two person drama about an Israeli paratrooper stuck in a tree who's discovered by an arab boy), M is for Masticate (a cleverly shot slow motion film about a crazed man running down a sidewalk with a funny punchline), and N is for Nexus (another cleverly edited short about a man on his way to see his girlfriend on Halloween). These good shorts were enough to balance out the bad ones and make the film worth watching.

Reviewed by MaximumMadness 4 / 10

"ABCs of Death 2"- More of the same, for better or for worse. A fascinating experiment, though it lacks the creative spark of the original and too many entries fall flat.

Say what you will about it, but I quite admire the first film in the "ABCs of Death" franchise. With a wonderful high-concept premise and a wide variety of tonalities and styles to chose from, it was quite the fascinating little excursion into the insane and the insidious.

The series is of course based on a simple and elegant set-up... 26 filmmakers from all over the world are assigned a single letter from the English alphabet and are given free-reign to craft a short film based on a word beginning with that letter. The only stipulation? Horror and death must be a common theme amongst all entries. Thus, we are treated to a wide variety of filmmaking styles, ranging from the broadest of horror-comedies to the most sinister and twisted of torture and the macabre.

It's a brilliant idea. And indeed, I thought the original entry in the now three-part series was a wonderfully disturbing ode to the horror genre that I greatly admired and very much enjoyed. But sadly, for the most part I feel the second chapter falls a bit too flat for it to hit home with nearly the same class and quality as what came before. Is it a total loss? No, not really. But are there more misses than hits here? Abso-freaking-lutely!

The biggest problem I had is that there is a definite and very overt leaning towards dark comedy this time around... though none of the directors really seem to "get" what makes a dark horror-comedy work, with far too many of the films being little more than tactless, bland shock-comedy. So many of the films place so much emphasis on tacky gross-out gags that the whole experience starts to falter, and even the better entries that crop up now and again fail to elicit a genuine positive reaction as a result. You're dreading the next unfunny comedic bit too much to really appreciate the good entries that appear here and there. While I won't spoil their outcomes, entries like Jim Hosking's "G is for Grandad", Erik Matti's "I is for Invincible" and Todd Rohal's "P is for P-P-P- P SCARY!" are just painfully overlong jokes that far outstay their welcome and rely on the cheapest of pay-offs. Yes, there were some bizarre entries in the last film, and a few instances of unfunny gags... But not to this extent. I'd go so far as to call segment "G" one of the most shockingly unfunny films I've ever seen. Even with it going as far over-the-top as it did to try and get laugh out of you... I just stared blankly at the screen without any emotional response.

In my opinion, the film really doesn't pick up until the very end, with a one-two-three punch in the forms of entries X, Y and Z... by far the three strongest entries in the entire assembled work. Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo's "X is for Xylophone" is a genuinely disturbing portrait of a woman driven mad by the seemingly innocent actions of her young granddaughter. Soichi Umezawa's "Y is for Youth" is both wonderfully crazed but also genuinely quite tragic. And Chris Nash's "Z is for Zygote"... Oh, boy. I don't even wanna say anything to even hint at what it's about, but suffice to say... Mr. Nash has issues. And he puts them on-screen in one of the most gloriously disturbing displays of carnage I've seen in quite some time.

The sad thing is that the potential for a sprawling and exquisite franchise still exists with this premise. The idea is an intriguing one that affords near-limitless possibilities, and I'd love to see future follow-ups. Sadly, it just appears that "ABCs of Death 2" was too full of mis-steps to hit home with its full potential. My recommendation? Just fast-forward to the last three chapters. And maybe also give entries C, D, S and W a shot if you're feeling particularly charitable. But otherwise... skip the rest.

I give "ABCs of Death 2" an underwhelming 4 out of 10. There's too much to hate and not quite enough to like this time around.

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