Adults in the Room


Biography / Drama

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Dan Fredenburgh as Osborne
Georges Corraface as Greek Ambassador France
Ulrich Tukur as Wolfgang
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Eleftherios-T 8 / 10

Strong Common Sense

Costa Gavras, in my opinion, as an artist, sensed that something's not wright about EU policy and he felt it was necessary to publicise it, so people can be aware of the situation and start concerning. Obviously Varoufakis' annoying characteristics are clear, however the existence of key facts can be observed and understood easily from a rational human being. More specifically, the hypocrisy of EU, Prime ministers' naivety along with his willingness to help, the phenomenon of uneducated Greek ministers which unfortunately is a crucial factor of Greece's politicians, and of course Varoufakis' critical thinking along with a strong common sense. Also, the detection of the truth from Christine Lagarde closely to her understanding of backing's needity, Wolfgang's egoistic, childish policy, showing of a person who demands to be in charge because of his Country's economic superiority, resistant to help, and lastly EU's clear abeyance to Germany. Dissatisfactory critics are not understandable for me, since every detail referred on this movie, has been previously reported, every fact is online and anyone with a natural way of thinking can observe the truthfulness of the evidences.

Reviewed by konpanag 10 / 10

Somewhat overdramatized around Varoufakis as a person but still the complete scoop

It isn't one of the best of Gavras but still most reviews are from the individuals that disaprove of anyone trying to go against the european ang greek establisment and thus have a deep distaste for Varoufakis. Don't mind them and their low ratings. The garbage truck of history and the social unrest caused by their conservative fears that let the establisment continue their destructive "solution" in Greece and elsewere wil take care of them. See this movie with a grain of salt allways and make up your own minds.

Reviewed by barneyrulez 5 / 10


Honestly I couldn't believe starting from the first scenes of the film that this was a Costas Gavras film. It screamed "quick and dirty" approach through out the entire movie. Bad direction, bad lighting and photography - almost amateur. It's really a pity that such an acclaimed creator made this work... Nice surprise from the Loulis in the role of Yannis Varoufakis, at least he was ok to watch.

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