Action / Crime / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5 10 1992

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William Forsythe as Roger Bower
Malik Yoba as Frank Ward
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by xdavid 2 / 10

Simply awful

I read all the reviews, both good and bad, so I decided to see for myself. Seriously, this is a really bad movie. The dialog is juvenile, the acting is poor all the way around, and I've seen college movie projects that were better directed. Parts of it almost seem like a spoof and you can tell in the first few minutes who the culprit is simply from the screen time spent on a seemingly minor character.

There is nothing here to justify the time spent watching it, and honestly ... my standards aren't very high.

Reviewed by antique-modern 4 / 10

Made it half way through

I mean why put a full face bandage on a couple cheek scars...

Reviewed by shaneandamy-19629 4 / 10

More holes than Swiss cheese

Things that make this not work for me Hole 1) Detective would be easily identified by his finger prints alone. Of course they would be on file he is a detective. So they would know who he was day one. Hole 2) This is never explained but, no police/detective/ even rookie on their first day would decide to drive the car that hello is the crime scene. Just no. Hole 3) Dead body can just disappear from the morgue and it's never noticed. Hole 4) Hired hitman can remove a gun and badge off his target and can't tell that they are still alive. Too many holes to go on What made this movie watchable at all to me was the acting. JRM has always been great. Loved him since I saw Match Point. Anyway, the four stars are for the acting and the six missing is due to absolute bad story.

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