Beauty & the Briefcase


Comedy / Romance

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Jaime Pressly as Kate White
Hilary Duff as Lane Daniels
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vampyrecowboy 2 / 10

What a horrible piece of celluloid or digital capture

Wow...bad as bad can get on a ROMCOM.

I don't know how to write this without actually using a grand host of swear words to try to conjure up images of how stupid and retarded and insane this entire premise and development and production actually was.

Not a fan of many romantic comedies, this certainly has to be at the bottom of the pile.

Even for MADE FOR TELEVISION, this was on a low scale presence of pure absurdity and stupidity combined.

Oh...what some people will sit through on a rainy day, so as not to get wet leaving the house. That was me...too lazy to step outside my door and have rain fall on my head...

Well I had to suffer somehow...and to watch this only made me want to get soaked instead.

This was stupid from 2 minutes in, till the end...and hopefully I will be a touch smarter the next time something like this comes my way.

Reviewed by ysic2 1 / 10

This movie is pathetic!

This movie is sooo bad! Actually working in the office environment(an accountant), and being privy to many office meetings and know how directors think and how in general people act at work, this movie is so bad and I'm not sure I think I heard one financial word used in the movie "Hedging",where they said this is the hedging department. Wow! That is a big word for them. I wonder if they know what hedges are or is that beyond the brainscope? To have Tom, (Michael McMillan) say that he can save the coy by introducing a program for recycled paper! What the.......??? And the Directors love it!!!! Umm, huh? Gee, if I knew that, I would've suggested in my company. hahaha!! What a joke.

Why they had Lane (Hilary Duff) putting some sort of tangled bead curtain up around her desk and everyone still respects her and thinks she is smart and not a ditzy looney, I have serious doubts. I love to dress well, look smart but Hilary Duff's character is a shame to any person looking to enter the finance world. She is an embarrassment.

Another thing, I totally dislike about this movie is the fact that Lane wants to meet Mr Right but she is a shame to the female sex in the way that she treats men. She can't believe a man would try and be somebody else to impress a woman (so dumps Liam as he is a waiter and not a high professional star as he told her) and goes for businessman Tom (whom we can tell the relationship will last one month if that), however she has also been dating all the men in the office for a story, and date she does! She doesn't really give any of them the time of day or really show any interest in them. However, they all seem to line up to date her as she is beautiful. However, she is doing it for a story as she feels what it would be like to date an office guy as they would be committed. she is a hypocrite, user, deceitful, a fake. I'm sorry, don't expect us to respect Lane. She is a shame to all women.

Reviewed by clanhamato 1 / 10

What the wha????

Well. Let's see. Can I start by asking the question: Who the heck is this movie supposed to be for? It might have worked as a family film for its simple, contrived plot that could never happen and doesn't make any sense whatsoever. But that doesn't work because of the sexual content and swearing. Or it might have worked as a fun, romantic comedy for general movie audiences. But that doesn't work because of the simple, contrived plot that could never happen and doesn't make sense. It's actually generally insulting to general movie audiences. In general.

Oh, man. From start to finish. This one's got it all. Terrible dialog, shallow, one-dimensional characters, gratuitous use of narration, slow, ridiculous exposition, and enough awkward moments to make you glance at the person next to you with eyebrows raised and going "WHAT?" or "SERIOUSLY?" every other minute.

I would even be willing to forgive all of that. All of it. If they'd given us a character we could root for. Hilary Duff is pretty. But in this movie, she plays someone who is a shallow, petty, superficial LIAR that--for some reason--everyone just LOVES. She does no work to get to where she is (a job she lies to get, is in no way qualified to do, and repeatedly fails at) but, because the plot calls for it, suddenly she's the one saving the day and being inexplicably skilled at solving problems she would have no knowledge of how to solve (her "solutions" are absurd by the way). She was jealous from the get go, even of her friends. Self- absorbed. Cared for no one. Expected all men and the universe to grant her her desires of whatever the heck she thought love was--because she thought she deserved it. It's actually pretty disturbing and disappointing for all of mankind that anyone thought this character was someone audiences could really get behind. I kind of wanted to call her parents or something. And shoot. I'm only twenty four.

Whatever. It was frustrating. And abysmal. And, in its own teeth- grinding way, hilarious (accidentally of course). I mean, I didn't think I'd ever say this, but if you're looking for something of better quality, go to the Hallmark Channel. For crying out loud. You will literally find films of better quality than this little piece on the Hallmark Channel during any season at any time of day or night. Or, really, go watch any segment of Sesame Street. I have seen more drama, meaning, depth of character, and believability on Sesame Street. In the 90s. When I was a small child.

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