Black Sheep



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 28%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 70%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 35290

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Julie Benz as Dancing Blonde Woman
Chris Farley as Mike Donnelly
Gary Busey as Drake Sabitch
David Spade as Steve Dodds
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Andy B-8 8 / 10

Chris Farley falling over alot.

Reviews of this film were less than favourable but since I enjoyed the Farley/Spade partnership so much in Tommy Boy I thought I would check this one out as well.

Farley does alot of falling over and generally self abuse in this one, for instance when he tumbles down a mountain side and then gets up and says "What was that all about?".

The bit where the bunk bed collapses on top of Spade during the hail storm and the "Power to the People" speech at the rock concert are hilarious.

Most viewed this film as inane and childish - one reviewer I distinctly remember said that he would rather have Des O'Connor sing him the phone book than watch this again - but I found myself laughing many times.

Reviewed by callanvass 7 / 10

Actually pretty funny Farley comedy, that I really enjoyed Farley and Spade make a great team!

Black Sheep is a pretty funny Comedy, at times often laugh out loud hilarious, and Farley and Spade just have great chemistry together!, plus, the scene where Farley and Spade act as police officers and get stoned from the Nitrous Oxide is absolutely a scream!. I really don't know how Tim Matheson played it straight around Farley, cause that guy is just hilarious, and the ending is a big hoot as well, and will have you in stitches, plus while it may be a rerun of other films I still found it to be funny as hell. Gary Busey is a riot in his role as a crazy former Sgt. and it's a damn shame Farley died when he did cause he was so funny and I was looking forward to seeing more great funny films of his, plus slapstick and buffoon humor is right up my alley so of course I enjoyed this!. Overall This is a pretty funny comedy, that had me in stitches quite a bit of the time and I say this is a must see for all Farley and slapstick fans!. ***1/2 out of 5

The Acting is fun!. Chris Farley is funny as hell, he always cracks me up with his funny outbursts, this guy goes non stop, as I love his type of humor, it's just a shame he's not around anymore R.I.P Chris. David Spade is great here he had excellent chemistry with Farley and was also hilarious, I thought he did a great job. Tim Matheson is great as the brother Al and Governor candidate and the most incredible thing is he played everything straight!. Christine Ebersole is decent as the villain as the Govenor who is a crook I rather liked her. Gary Busey is a riot as the Vietnam veteran, he plays crazy so well and just cracked me up I love this guy!. Bruce McGill is good in his short role.

Reviewed by gridoon 5 / 10

Lame, to put it mildly, but bearable.

There are many words to describe "Black Sheep", and most of them begin with "un" - as in unsophisticated, uninspired, unoriginal. Still, it has some scattershot laughs. Gary Busey, for example, is brilliantly cast as a paranoid Vietnam veteran and comes through with the funniest performance by far. Chris Farley has barely one or two mildly funny moments in the entire film, but he does achieve some touching ones, and his honest efforts to amuse his audience in any way he can at least earn your respect. (**)

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