Chris Rock: Tamborine


Comedy / Documentary

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 5333

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thoriumop 1 / 10

Pretty shameful.... (I made an account for this review)

As mentioned in this title, I made this account for this review.

I, myself, am a white male and I absolutely love comedy and I can stand and enjoy the crudest and most fucked up comedy of them all. Don't get me wrong I can take jokes where someone teases white people. But I had to stop watching this special. It's extremely racist. I am all for equality between blacks and whites and all other racial and ethnicity groups, but this goes against equality, the special goes into the realm of slandering and demonizing white people. Like: "I wish more white kids would get shot", how the fuck can a comedian get away with saying that? If a white comedian said that about black kids, his career would be over and he would have serious lawsuits filed against him. This comedy special wasn't comedy and it was nothing close to special. It's offensive, not funny, and most importantly just sad because Chris Rock was one of my favorite comedians. But I have now lost all respect for him. It's just insane to think that he's up there suggesting that blacks need their own things "blacks need their own orientation" aren't you trying to fight for desegregation and fighting for unity? "I've been teaching my kids to prepare for the white man". Are you fucking serious? That would be like me saying: "I've been teaching my kids to prepare for the black men and all the despicable things they bring to society". I would never say something like that. I don't mind a little racism in comedy, but this wasn't comedy but rather straight up racism. Not funny at all. Go back to the drawing board Chris Rock.

This sort of media is absolutely not okay. Just like other people stand up for their rights, just thought I had to review this and say something because this is only fueling the fire for racism. Such a shame to see someone with a capable platform to make a difference, but only use it to be racist.

I hope anyone finds this review helpful. I would say watch the special just to get a taste of the unfunny and disturbing "jokes" made by Chris Rock. This isn't okay.

Reviewed by phillwide 1 / 10

Not what it used to be

After watching some of Chris Rocks earlier stuff on youtube I felt like watching this netflix special. I usualy dont watch netflix standup and this is one of the reasons. It is not as near as funny as his earlier stuff, some parts are just not funny rant.

Reviewed by natyjesu 1 / 10

If the roles were reversed, everyone would be up in arms

Quite disappointed with how racist this stand up is. Shame.

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