Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story


Action / Biography / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 71%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 79%
IMDb Rating 7 10 26367

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Michael Cudlitz as Tad Overton
Lauren Holly as Linda Lee
Robert Wagner as Bill Krieger
Jason Scott Lee as Bruce Lee
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MovieBuffMarine 8 / 10

"This didn't happen, he didn't do this, he didn't do that, etc." That's NOT the point of this film!

You see a lot of complaints from people other than Linda Lee Cadwell and Bruce's family complaining about the "accuracy" of "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story." These FANS claim they "know" him through his movies, TV shows, books and numerous documentaries that have been done on the late Bruce Lee. I've seen and read many of the same and I still don't know him better than his widow and the rest of his family!

What this movie is, is a WORK OF ART. Someone said it best on the IMDb discussion of this movie: "The movie is really meant as a celebration of Bruce Lee and what he represented. It isn't necessarily meant to be a complete biographical movie." I couldn't have said it better.

There is no 100% biopic on Bruce Lee or any other figure out there. "Artistic License" or "Liberties" are always taken, period. Many argue that his life was "interesting enough" that embellishments were not necessary, that is far from the truth. People who say that have never written a movie script whether for real or for a writing class. It's not as easy as it seems whether you are writing total fiction or about someone living or dead.

Before I saw Dragon, my first Bruce Lee biopic was "Bruce Lee: The Man, the Myth" from 1976. After viewing that so many times and seeing Dragon, I got confused about who I thought I "knew" and the many things he experienced.

Dragon's 1976 predecessor was just as riddled with "inaccuracies." After I got through my "confusion" about Bruce, I decided to enjoy what was made. I enjoyed the "artistic license" of both movies.

To paraphrase Bruce Lee: a biopic is never a portrayal of total accuracy - it is a guide, a pointer to the actual person and his/her real happenings/events that each viewer must find for him/herself. A good biopic is merely a catalyst.

For the uninitiated to Bruce Lee, that should be the case for this film. Again, there is no 100% biopic in existence about Bruce Lee or any other figure from history. A good biopic (be it 100% "accurate" or otherwise) should motivate one to seek out the subject matter.

For the ones that know of Bruce or think they "know" him (because of the various material---dramatic portrayal or documentary---put out about him before this movie), this movie should give them more appreciation for who Bruce was and what he did. It should also motivate them to seek more.

Again, for me after seeing "Bruce Lee: The Man The Myth" so many times before Dragon, I was confused about Bruce. Watching Dragon motivated me more to read about Bruce Lee!

Take it or leave it. If you get butt hurt about what you uncover about the real Bruce Lee and it wasn't in this or other movies, that's on you. Stick with documentaries.

This movie is a masterpiece in STORY TELLING celebrating Bruce Lee's life and what he represented, period. It is not a History Channel or A&E biography that will (supposedly) tell what "really" happened in his life.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

Underrated Hollywood biopic

A film which successfully manages to tell the life story of superstar Bruce Lee in an interesting, exciting way; not a bad effort considering the dozens of low-budget similarities which followed in the '70s after the death of the Chinese legend. DRAGON: THE BRUCE LEE STORY differs somewhat by including a number of purely fictional moments but these also make the story a bit more surprising to established fans of the actor who already know his life story anyway. In the end, the film admirably works as both a biopic and an action-thriller, which is no mean feat at all. The action scenes (of which there are plenty, martial arts fans will be pleased to hear) are invariably well-shot and offer maximum hard-hitting violence and cool choreography, with every punch in devastating detail and every kick captured in loving slow motion.

Jason Scott Lee), who plays Bruce, may well offer the most noticeable performance in his career; as the kung fu legend he succeeds admirably. The difference from other Bruce Lee impersonators like Bruce Li and Bruce Le is that Jason Scott Lee displays a keen understanding of the factors that made up the man and puts them to use in his performance here, and at times the realism is uncanny. Lauren Holly is also more than adequate as Linda, Bruce's wife, and although a lot of screen time is spent on the pair's developing relationship it never becomes boring. It's also nice to see a substantial and memorable role for Sven-Ole Thorsen as nightmare creature The Demon, after years of playing only supporting roles.

The overall effort of the film is to convey the good qualities of Bruce, from his physical prowess to his strong personality and his characteristics of bravery and inner strength. The negative aspects - including his dodgy death - are skipped over, but really this is no great loss. Scenes in which Lee combats racism are excellently done, and the combination of film clips, interspersed with Jason Scott Lee playing Bruce Lee in the process of making his movies, comes off well. Not the best martial arts flick out there, but definitely a commendable and enjoyable one, and perhaps definitive when it comes to Bruce.

Reviewed by nicholls_les 4 / 10

Almost does it but not quite

It is a shame that they have yet to make a really good film about Bruce Lee. This film almost does it but fails in so many ways. Firstly Jason Scott Lee does a reasonable job but clearly he is no Martial Artist and it shows. Bruce was the best Martial Artist we have seen in movies so to have someone so poorly trained spoils it somewhat. Jason does well and along with the many stunt men used we do get to see some decent action, but it falls way short of the quality of what Bruce could do. Secondly, sorry again Mr Scott Lee but Bruce was electrifying on screen. Even when not fighting he was so charismatic that your attention was immediately drawn to him. Also we did not see Bruce's humour or how he could mystify people with his speed. Bruce could snatch a coin from someones hand while replacing it with another. Thirdly, the story is so full of inaccuracies that it fails to show the true fight Bruce had to get where he was. As others have mentioned the back injury was not during a fight but during him exercising, it was not necessary to make that part up as Bruce had many real fights that could have been shown, such as during filming Enter the dragon, when an extra challenged Bruce and Bruce knocked his teeth out with one powerful and fast kick. Forth, It seems more focused around Linda, who sweet as she no doubt was, did not make Bruce. She did not talk him into opening a Kung Fu school, she actually attended one of his schools. She did not talk him into writing his book, Tao of Jeet Kune Do, Bruce had been doing this most of his life, making copious notes on his fighting style and philosophy. Fith, the references to the bad spirit Bruce is shown plagued with. I am sure Bruce may have been influenced by Chinese superstition, but I have never read anything he wrote or heard him say anything that showed it affected his life as much as this film shows it did. Six, the massive impact Bruce had on both Chinese Kung fu films and later Hollywood films could have been included. You would think from watching this movie that Bruce made a couple of films then died. Green Hornet is mentioned but not any of his other TV roles such as Longstereet or his part in the James Garner film, Marlowe. Also nothing at all about the many films Bruce made as a child actor in Hong Kong.

So I hope that one day we will get a film that really shows why Bruce Lee was so amazing as both a Martial Artist and Actor.

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