Eight Below


Action / Adventure / Drama / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 72%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 79%
IMDb Rating 7.3 10 58751

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Paul Walker as Jerry Shepard
Jason Biggs as Charlie Cooper
Moon Bloodgood as Katie
Wendy Crewson as Eve McClaren
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P/S 8 / 79

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by o-31546 8 / 10

Eight Below: loyal dogs will always wait for their host

Dogs have been loyal to us. It's time we return the favor. "Eight Below" tells a harrowing story of a eight-dogsled team left chained outside a research station when the humans pull out in a hurry. The guide who used and Who will to return to rescue them but are voted down: Winter has set in and all flights are kept until spring. Will the dogs survive?

I think "Eight" no only means the cold weather but also the eight loyal dogs. They care about their host and help them get rid of the danger. They never give up, always waiting for the return of their host, no matter how bad the weather is. The subtitles keep count of how long the dogs have been on their own: 50 days ... 133 days ... 155 days ... It breaks the audience's heart.

Also, there is a Paul's film, I miss him so much.

You can see it on Yidioo.

Reviewed by wryboy 9 / 10

Really enjoyed this wonderful family and dog lover's movie

Just discovered this little gem of a family and dog lover's movie. The title "Eight Below" is actually a double entendre, referring both to the cold of Antarctica and to the eight working sled dogs who are as much the heroes of the film as any of the people. It's a remarkable story of survival and one man's steadfast determination to retrieve his dogs, whom he calls his "kids" throughout the film. One interesting fact of which I was unaware of until I read about it after seeing this film -- dogs have been prohibited by treaty from entering Antarctica since 1994, so while this appears to be a contemporary sled dog story -- history has since turned the page on the sled dogs of Antarctica.

Reviewed by ivo-cobra8 10 / 10

The best of Paul Walker - I love it, a story about real courage and survival of the sled dogs!

Eight Below (2006) is the most amazing story of courage, survival, friendship and adventure ever told. This is the best film of Paul Walker not only that Paul Walker gives a powerful performance, but the sled dogs gives the most powerful performance on screen ever. I just finished recently watching this film and it was amazing awesome powerful story. Watching this movie I was keep crying for 2.hrs because I love dog's so much. I am an animal lover and I love dogs all kind to death and when the group left those dogs behind in Antarctica in chains I was crying, this movie was really sad. I don't blame Paul Walker's character or anyone, but that was mean leaving those beautiful dogs behind. They were a family and this film is written so decent, even the characters were well written. This movie is very sad and tragic, but it also does have a little humor in it, thanks goes to Walt Disney pictures that it does have a happy ending.

Plot: In the Antarctic, after an expedition with Dr. Davis McClaren, the sled dog trainer Jerry Shepherd has to leave the polar base with his colleagues due to the proximity of a heavy snow storm. He ties his dogs to be rescued after, but the mission is called-off and the dogs are left alone at their own fortune. For six months, Jerry tries to find a sponsor for a rescue mission while his dogs fight for survival.

In this movie the real portraying is actually a heroism! This dogs in this movie are actually the real heroes of this film alongside Paul Walker!

Again this movie was really sad, it was beautiful how dogs saved Dr. Davis McClaren from the ice storm and they were left alone. In the movie no one I mean no one gave a damn about those dogs that were left behind and they were abandoned, except Paul Walker who did everything in his power that he will save his beloved dogs. Paul Walker even showed LOVE in this movie! Every else he turned too, to find a sponsor help him rescue the dogs he landed in a dead end! This movie is very beautiful and Paul Walker with his sled dogs gives a powerful performance. I love that Paul saved 6 dogs and not 5, it took almost a year for those dogs in a cold to be saved. Beside Paul Walker we also have a beautiful cast such as: Bruce Greenwood from Nowhere Man and Passenger 57, Moon Bloodgood from Terminator: Salvation (2009) and Jason Biggs from American Pie!

I want to say that Bruce Greenwood was amazing he was way better than he was in Passenger 57, I love the chemistry between him and the dogs, sled dogs saves him and than he helps to save the dogs which he does on the end. Moon Bloodgood was fantastic in this movie she acted perfectly and she was the main reason in the film for a person that she didn't gave up! Jason Biggs was excellent in his role I know we all know him as Jim Levenstein from American Pie , I still have to re watch his other movie Loser but still he gave a good performance from him self. The more courage and heart in this movie have the sled dogs and Paul Walker he never gave up I love him to death!

I love this movie to death, I love that this movie is a rescue mission I love rescue mission movies. This movie is not boring or over long, honestly, even over hyped and overpaid actor Tom Cruise couldn't even come near Paul Walker's character, he wouldn't even act that brilliant that Paul Walker did! I don't agree with critics and haters about this movie that the acting is weak and so on. To critics and haters you are stupid!

R.I.P. - Paul Walker (1973 - 2013) I really miss you and I wish you could do more movies, I am your biggest fan and I love you to death!

Overall: This movie get's 10 out of 10 it is one of the best Paul walker movies! I love all 8 sled dogs portrayed in this movie they are all beautiful!

Eight Below is a 2006 American adventure drama film based on Antarctica by Toshirô Ishidô, Koreyoshi Kurahara, Tatsuo Nogami and Susumu Saji. It was produced by Patrick Crowley and David Hoberman, directed by Frank Marshall with music by Mark Isham and written by David DiGilio.

10/10 Score: A Studio: Walt Disney Pictures Starring: Paul Walker, Bruce Greenwood, Moon Bloodgood, Jason Biggs, Wendy Crewson, Belinda Metz Director: Frank Marshall Producer: Patrick Crowley, David Hoberman Screenplay by David DiGillio Based on Antarctica: Toshirô Ishidô, Koreyoshi Kurahara, Tatsuo Nogami, Susumu Saji Rated: PG Running Time: 2 Hrs. 00 Mins. Budget: $40.000.000 Box Office: $120,455,994

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