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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by baserock_love 8 / 10

Wow, didn't see that coming. One of the better zero budget FF horror flicks i've seen.

Yet another one of those rare instances where I'm compelled to review a movie because this place unfortunately does not require an IQ test in order to review films here, because if it did, there wouldn't be so many people 1 starring a solid zero budget horror flick because they're confused by...apparently everything. How somebody could be confused by a movie like this is just laughable, it's even more laughable they're not too embarrassed to admit it in a public forum.

As I was watching it it started out as your fairly standard but fairly well paced and creepy FF horror flick, 4 young adults camping in the woods. Weird things happen, sounds in the night. It was all fairly enjoyable but nothing terribly different other then the fact it was horror and enjoyable because lets face it, 99% of horror movies are crap. The pacing is excellent, acting is serviceable, I've seen better and I've seen a lot worse, the atmosphere is excellent, even throwing in a red herring that while completely mundane just really kicks up the creep notch a few. Whoever wrote the script made some great decisions even though it's all very blair witch esque.

I won't spoil it but when you're expecting the standard but acceptable "Everybody dies" ending, the movie completely flips itself on it's head and takes itself in such an unexpected direction and it does it so seamlessly I absolutely couldn't wait to see what happened and where it was going to go. Once things get rolling, like a snowball it just picks up steam leaving the final reel to be pretty much non stop forward momentum.

It's not perfect, there is some spotty acting and in the final reel, the zero budget does show, as the setting isn't very convincing but the shaky camera work and atmospheric lighting do a great job of hiding things.

Don't listen to the haters, if you enjoy found footage, this is seriously a gem. I loved my time with evidence.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10

Typical found footage indie

EVIDENCE is another familiar found footage horror flick that plays out in the BLAIR WITCH mould for the first half. A quartet of friends head off into the woods to do some exploring, but before long they're asked by a mysterious being and forced to flee for their lives. Eventually they track the creature to an underground installation which appears to be abandoned, so they explore it. The story goes from there. This is the typical kind of effort with lots of shaking camerawork, unlikeable characters, and a general predictable feel. It's not the worst I've seen, but there really is nothing new here and they needed to try a lot harder to make any kind of impact in an over-saturated market.

Reviewed by Andariel Halo 7 / 10

fun quick little thing

This is one of those films that greatly benefits from being very short, only about 1 hour and 15 minutes, and probably could've stood to be 5 or 10 minutes shorter, even.

it's unclear what the actual subject of the documentary the characters are filming is, but it doesn't matter and no one cares, this is a Boogin Film and we want to see the boogin, while not actually seeing the boogin in case the boogin costume/puppet/effect is poor quality and draws us out of the immersion.

the film does a great job of balancing that, giving us perpetually tantalizing quick shots of the boogin while not letting us see very clearly what it is. Its very first appearance is rather Bigfoot-y, while the first time you get a frontal shot of it, it looks like a giant sloth, and the more the film lets slip of it, it ends up looking rather like an orangutan or gorilla with the head of an owl.

this film treads over a lot of clich├ęs of found footage horror, including the disbelieving friend, a red herring stranger encounter (in the form of a wacky ass guy with a gun claiming to be looking for his dog), and a secret government facility with weird shenanigans happening. However the film does good by not lingering on these tropes, either drawing them out or having a strained sequence where, for example, the main characters wander into a government lab and come across a working computer or big binder fully explaining all the details of what's going on and them having a big revelation like "THIS is where all the Bigfoot sightings come from!" or "THIS is the source of the Philadelphia Experiment!"

the entire sequence through the government facility is one of perpetual running, with no time to sit still and look around or take in what is happening. More of the Boogins begin to appear, and when we get the reveal of their source, it continues to not let us get much more information or any clear reason why the Boogins look and act the way they do.

the end credits sequence is rather messy, with lots of pseudo digital distortion making it difficult to see or read things on screen, while also showing a quick compilation of random clips apparently taken in the government facility involving the boogins. it's not clear whether these take place before or after the film itself, and they too give very little actual information on what is happening and why.

And I like it that way. I love movie mysteries that are either unresolved or only partially solved. I love that there was a whole world of backstory in this secret government facility that was completely denied to us because we were busy being chased by murderous owl-sloth boogins. Our lives are in danger, we shouldn't care about any of this. It was a fast and fun ride.

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