Flashbacks of a Fool


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 38%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 11661

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Daniel Craig as Adult Joe Scot
Felicity Jones as Young Ruth
Claire Forlani as Adult Ruth
Mark Strong as Mannie Miesel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pulpfictionallife 10 / 10

grave you red wine glass and enjoy every moments

I watched like like 8 years back and then now watch it again...first time i really liked the movie and music so nice...after 8 years later i find it more beautiful because i have seen life in many ways with in 8 years...the best part when Ruth said it is so strange that she cant cry even though this is her saddest time of life but in the end she cried so much when she read the later ''shake your head girl with your ponytail...take me right back '' goose bum....amazing...love it

Reviewed by paulijcalderon 5 / 10

Heartbreaking and life reflecting, but dragged down too much by the middle portion

Joe Scott is a washed up actor who returns back to his hometown after a dear friend has passed. He is a very selfish and angry person, but as he gets closer to his home, the more human and caring feelings begin to take hold of him and change him.

Those are the best things about this film. The good nostalgic feeling about family, old friends, familiar places and music you grew up with. It shows what a humble and optimistic feeling that is. There are moments with the main character in the first and third acts that are almost heartbreaking and you can almost feel what he is going through. Realizing how self-centered you've been for too long and forgetting to look around and enjoy.

Unfortunately the film slows down heavily after the first 30 minutes when the "Flashback section" begins. These 40 minutes of the film were not appealing and dragged the whole experience down. The characters in this section act in a way that made me not care in the slightest and I began to think that these were two different films put into one. I wanted to get invested, but that story line was off putting and provocative, even disgusting at times because of what certain people did. If someone else likes this part of the film, that's good, I wish I could feel the same. But it just didn't work for me. Showing the character change and become a better human worked well enough in the present time line for me. The past time line would have worked better for me if it was left more ambiguous.

The last act again is better and I cared for Joe returning home and reconnecting with his life. The greatness in this film lies in its quiet and calm moments when characters are reflecting and not when its trying to chock or exploit the audience.

If you ever watch it, then watch the first 30 minutes and then skip ahead 40 minutes and watch the ending. Those are the parts of the film that are gonna leave you feeling optimistic.

Reviewed by Leigh Neil 9 / 10

Small? Maybe, but remarkable and memorable nonetheless.

I watched this film with virtually no expectations, simply because I was curious about Daniel Craig outside the action genre. To my great surprise, I thought it was one of the best and most moving performances I have seen from him; largely due to its simplicity and resulting, relatively narrow focus. The greatest surprises, though, were the quality of the direction and the performances from the two young stars playing the main characters in the flashback scenes. The fact that I grew up through the 60s and 70s made this film a lot more accessible to me, with the music of Bowie and Ferry etc. a feature perfectly chosen to highlighted the era's mood just as I recall from those teenage years. I suspect that relatively few moviegoers will rave about this film but to those of us for whom it is contemporary, it triggers strongly emotional memories and maybe - as in my case - a sense of melancholy loss. The precise and skillful direction makes the most of an intense but narrow subject matter and the acting is perfectly matched to the roles. It may never be listed on the roll of greatest-ever movies, but it is, and will remain, one of my favourite movies of all time. It was a few years ago that I first watched it and still, to this day, I find myself frequently remembering and contemplating particular scenes from it. Highly recommended for anyone born in the early 60s who doesn't mind remembering the mistakes, pain and angst of their growing up.

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