Good Kids


Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 42%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 8792

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Zoey Deutch as Nora
Ashley Judd as Gabby
Julia Garner as Tinsley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sofiane1044 1 / 10

Good Kids = Bad movie

It's an hour and a half of my life I'll never get back. Poor story + poor plot + poor charachters. All in all, it's just a way to waste your time.

Reviewed by thereisnothingleft 6 / 10

Hits and misses

"Good Kids" understands coming-of-age comedies and really nails some aspects of it, but the road there is too bumpy for it to be anything but a missed opportunity.

The cast of four friends all stand out in their own ways but don't feel manufactured or like too much of a trope. Nora's the closest, as the beautiful girl who everyone suddenly realizes is beautiful, but they navigate that well and Zoey Deutch being the best part of the film helps that case even more. They feel real, and that's really, really tough to do with a group of close friends at this age group.

Andy being kind of an asshole made him more endearing in a strange way, I guarantee you know someone as odd as Lion and Spice's character and story is very straightforward and normal, which was needed.

They nail the charm I love about these types of movies. There are little things like Nora making it weird when Andy admits he has feelings, Andy catching the food with his mouth and the online girl actually being real, very attractive and down with Andy are all nice touches.

There are two scenes in particular, though, that are terrific.

First, Andy's sit-down with Conch and the reveal that his friend group wasn't "the weirdo outcasts everyone thought were just that," but, rather, everyone thought they were fine and they were actually the ones separating themselves from the parties and everyone else at the school. That was excellent and a properly executed curveball that didn't change much, but gave the story some great perspective.

Second, the last scene in the movie. Andy showing up to college is perfection. I can't explain all of it, but the entire scene captures what it is like to show up to a university after a questionable high school experience. Andy looks out the window with excitement and curiosity. He sees his parents drive away and realizes he's going to miss them and this is really happening. Then, someone makes him feel comfortable (w/ a good callback to the food catching) and he realizes he's in a new space with new, different people that is going to produce the best years of his life. That doesn't pinpoint the framework here, but god damn is it great.

And that gave me a very strong bittersweet feeling once the credits rolled. Nothing in this movie hits from a plot perspective. Andy is a virgin outcast in the beginning of the movie who immediately has a smokeshow throw herself at him, gets to have sex with a bunch of hot moms for money and then has his gorgeous, fascinating best friend fall for him before he goes off to college. Nothing interesting happens outside of Andy's story, and that's a shame, because his feels as fake as some parts of this movie feel real.

Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer 5 / 10

Who ordered a 2016 film with 1960s values...?

Writer/Director Chris McCoy was born in 1981 but, to all intents and purposes, he may as well have come from the 1960s, because, for all its pretense about edginess, the standards and values for this soggy teen coming-of-age story may as well have been plucked from a Doris Day/Rock Hudson romcom.

Now, ordinarily this is the part of the review where I reassure the reader that, in spite of one of the worst scripts in recent memory, there are loads of other good things here to keep viewers enthralled and entertained.

Sorry, that kind of happy ending only happens in movies, not in reviews of movies. Unlike fine wine, this one does not get better the more time you spend with it.

The cast tries hard with the material they are given but sadly that is not enough. (The single exception being Zoey Deutch, who was perhaps the only thing worth watching in Vampire Academy and once again offers the only character worth following in this outing. Deutch has that rare mix of innocence, wisdom and sassiness, bringing to mind an early Diane Keaton. With more edge.) It is also astonishing how a film that tries (unsuccessfully) to base itself on sex has virtually none. This can't be a censorship thing because the other day I was re-reviewing 1978's Animal House (great film!) and that 40 year old flick had more raunch and nudity. So, once again this has to be a director/writer thing -- see comments above on this topic.

The only one in the entire film who seems to be having more fun than Deutch is Ashley Judd playing a cougar who sets her sights on one of the young boys in the ensemble cast. You almost get the feeling that she waived her usual fee just to take the part.

Judd and Deutch generally have a great time here. The audience, not so much. If it is entertainment you want, pick up a copy of Ferris Bueller or Emma Stone's Easy A.

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