Goodbye World


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 27%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 32%
IMDb Rating 5.5 10 6343

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Gaby Hoffmann as Laura Shepherd
Ben McKenzie as Nick Randworth
Adrian Grenier as James Palmer
Mark Webber as Benji Henry
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tigerfish50 1 / 10

Hipsters confront Armageddon - Big Chill style.

When a computer virus leads to the collapse of civilization, an assortment of 30-something, ex-university pals head for the California hills, where two married friends live in an off-grid, hot-tub utopia with their young daughter. After everybody has arrived at the neo-hippie compound, these former acquaintances are immediately recognizable as reincarnations of the clique who gathered for 'The Big Chill' in 1983. Beginning with an aborted suicide in the opening sequence, 'Goodbye World' plagiarizes or rewrites many of the earlier film's scenes - and the characters even include a doppelganger of Meg Tilly's college-age interloper, who once again critiques her elders for their self-obsession.

It's often said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but unfortunately the producers of this copycat project forgot to clone themselves a screenwriter with Laurence Kasdan's talent. Although they're surrounded by marauding biker gangs, meth-head neighbors, rogue National Guardsmen and the smoke of burning cities, these privileged airheads respond to the crisis by getting high on weed and reviving old disputes. None of the wrangling over sexual jealousy and other grievances has any relevance in their apocalyptic new world - it seems to flare up simply because the writers had learned at film school that drama requires conflict. As the film nears its insipid conclusion, none of it seems to matter overmuch.

Reviewed by gbhesting 3 / 10


The 3 is being most generous. I did enjoy the usual pettiness of humanity poking through, and characters' lack of vision and focus on the reality of the predicament. The Hollywood fantasy that you can utter some lines from The Constitution and make some (obviously) semi-corrupt Natty Guard guys disappear is beyond laughable, at the very best. Just ask the folks in NO who had their guns taken. This guy has medicines and food stockpiled, yet freaks out when he sees and old Webley & Scott(maybe?) with 1 round in it? Civilization is a *very* thin veneer. The bikers would likely be there already, and wouldn't be swayed by platitudes. They'd have already dispatched the males (not "men" as there aren't any in the house), and be doing as they pleased with the women. Not to mention the rest of the criminal class, and the folks who had no plan, but would love to take advantage of someone who did have one.

Reviewed by Donald Buehler 4 / 10

Makes one good point (unintended)

I like apocalyptic movies - I like movies with human interaction/conflict - and I liked some of the things about this movie, but not much.

This is the story of a pretty diverse mixture of past friends who happen to be getting together (after 8 years) in a remote cottage in Northern California - right when a nationwide attack which takes the power grid down - and civilization goes to crap. Fortunately, James, the owner of the cottage, is a prep-per who has done a good job of preparing for the apocalypse.

The stress and contentiousness among the friends mimics "The Turning Point." but in a superficial and trite way. (If you have not seen "The Turning Point," you should.) The past catches up very quickly to the group as old passions, wrongs and new truths emerge as they try to deal with their current situation as well as the past. The dialogue is pretty hollow and many of the sub plots are predictable.

So what was the one good point made in the movie?? ? Those who do not have the ability to protect themselves are at the mercy of people with guns. Once again, the naive sheep are at the mercy of the wolves and need a sheep dog. If you do not know what I am talking about - here is an excerpt from Dave Grossman's article on sheep, wolves, and sheep dogs: (Google Dave Grossman sheep, wolves and sheep dogs).

My guess is the producers of the film were not trying to make this point, but it is an inescapable conclusion considering their predicament.

The movie closes with everyone getting together and the communal family thriving. Not very likely or realistic.

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