Guns for Hire


Action / Comedy / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 15%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 2529

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Sarah Shahi as Carla
Ivana Milicevic as Friday Green
Ben Mendelsohn as Kyle Sullivan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cooperr-59344 7 / 10

Weird indie

I was looking for something to stream. This popped up with a decent cast, I thought I would give it a watch. Let's be clear, this is a low budget film. Even though it says Sony and the cast, it is a low budget indie. It was weird, but not bad. If you know what you are getting, it is entertaining. I understand some others being brutal with their reviews as they probably fell for the non stop action label. It is not an action film. There is little action. Not sure why they went that route as it is sure to make some mad. If you know this going in, it will not disappoint. They should have pushed it as an odd indie and then probably would have gotten better feedback. Anyway, it starts off a little slow, but it kept my interest, again it is weird. The ending you will love or hate for sure. I liked it, but understand how someone might get angry with it. It's a good watch for an afternoon as long as you know what you are getting....a low budget odd film. I truly think this is one you will either like or totally hate. thus the varying reviews.

Reviewed by Seth_Rogue_One 2 / 10

Votes For Hire... I mean Guns For Hire... Or do I?

Considering a somewhat acceptable rating of 5.4/10 and how absolutely awful and embarrassment of a movie this is to everyone involved, I can only come to the conclusion that the higher ratings were from either people directly involved or people that were paid to fix the rating (their are legitamite businesses that specialises in that).

I don't know what got somewhat respectable actors like Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Orlando Jones and Tony Shalhoub to appear in this tired crapfest, and based on their performances (which are their worst of their careers by far) I can only suspect that they were dared into making appearances in it or something.

The reason I gave it a 2 instead of a 1 is because I have to be honest, I stopped watching halfway through, there was literally nothing that was remotely interesting. Not even the terribly constructed cheesy lesbian sex-scenes (which starts already by the startcredits of the film) could keep my interest.

Oh yeah the movie was filmed 10 years ago, but no company wanted to release it. Then Jeffrey Dean Morgan got signed on for a role on the biggest TV show on earth THE WALKING DEAD, and what do you know all of a sudden there was interest enough to release it and so it was in the last week of 2015. But he's not the lead for the record and again, truly terrible.

Reviewed by Ian 3 / 10

IMDb's current 5+ score is generously high

Beware of writer/directors. Makes you wonder how people get finance. But that's the movie business, folks!

The title is a total misnomer although the original title, The Adventures of Beatle, is no better. There's no action, just some gratuitous lesbian sex and torture scenes, although not at the same time.

The disjointed 'story/plot' is told in flashback and, yes, you might want to know how the characters and their relationship pan out but you'll never know. There is a very subtle hint (although it could go either way) at the end but you'll have probably walked out or switched off before you get that far.

Although if you do stay the course - brave soul - you won't see the ending coming - it's so far left field - but it does nothing to bring any of the story threads to a conclusion.

IMDb's current 5+ score is generously high.

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