Hammer of the Gods


Action / Adventure / History / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 29%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 72%
IMDb Rating 4.5 10 7652

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Clive Standen as Hagen
Elliot Cowan as Hakan
James Cosmo as King Bagsecg
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by iceman88869 8 / 10

Better than it's star score

This movie is not full of blatant, easy to see CGI like the big budget movies that are made these days. Everything is real and well done. This movie is low budget, but not cheap, especially with the beautiful landscapes. Most all of the characters have a good depth to them. The story is original and the character development is good. If you are looking for historically accurate and that is your thing, I doubt this is a movie for you. If you want to be entertained with a great story, great characters and a great almost unexpected ending. This movie is for you. Just enjoy the ride. Go in with an open mind.

Reviewed by irishslim 4 / 10

Agree with the haters

This should have been my film. Vikings! A family quest! Gritty realism! No name actors ready to give it all! Instead it was a tedious race to the next fight scene or murder, featuring: a predictable story line (such as it is); dialogue more grunted than spoken; production values from a Tom Baker era Doctor Who; one of the cheesier soundtracks in recent memory; two-dimensional characterizations of the primary roles that left me completely uncaring to their trials.

The story was my biggest complaint. At times, like others have said, it felt like a teenage slasher flick, with the only question being who dies next and how. And then it got weird, with an Apocalypse Now descent into madness.

Within 20 minutes, I just didn't care anymore. I don't give up on a film easily, so I kept with it. But I wish I hadn't.

Reviewed by Joe_Denham 3 / 10


When I mentioned to someone I liked Northmen: A Viking Saga, it was suggested I watch this one. But it turned out to be not nearly as good.

The movie did have high quality cinematography and most of the locations were very nice. It wasn't a boring movie, there was a lot of action and intense dramatic situations throughout. But there was plenty wrong with it.

The movie's characters were far from likable, except for Agnes who was played by the best of the cast, Alexandra Dowling. The paedophile Viking was a very disgusting character. The cave dwellers were a sickening lot: there was an incestuous relationship and cannibalism.

The Saxons were shown to be poor swordsmen, easily defeated even when their numbers were far greater than the Vikings (presumably Danes). History tells a different story. Despite being the people defending their homeland from invaders, the Christian Saxons were portrayed as the villains.

The story seemed confused and illogical by times. Harald was the name of a brother of Steinar, but that's a Saxon name, not Viking. Why was the black guy in this supposedly "historical" movie? There were no black people in England at that time. Some of the violent acts in the story didn't make sense. Why would Grim angrily kill the woman who was being stoned, after they saved her? Why did the older brother of Steinar kill his half- brother? Was it necessary for Steinar to kill one of his closest friends?

Sadly, despite it's excellent cinematography, Hammer of the Gods is not a good movie.

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