Heaven Knows What


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 87%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Stay_away_from_the_Metropol 10 / 10

A crushingly realistic portrayal of life at the bottom

I felt inspired to add one more review as this film has very few thus far.

I had first heard of this movie from Ariel Pink when he was working on music for the film. Initially they were toying with the idea of having him play one of the more important characters in the film, but eventually he decided to stick with music composition and a quick cameo, which can be seen in the early portion of the film. I never got to seeing it when it was released, but GOOD TIME came out, and got my attention right away. GOOD TIME ended up being my favorite film of 2017 by a longshot. Totally blew me away - the combination of everything was just stellar... the acting, the anxiousness of the characters, the pacing, the claustrophobic sort of cinematography, the synth score by Oneohtrix Point Never which is simultaneously beautiful and relentless, and of course the script and thus the movie as a whole. If a title card gives you goosebumps on it's own that's usually a really good sign.

Tonight I decided to go backwards and check out Heaven Knows What. I knew after what they delivered with Good Time, it would likely be firing on all cylinders as well, and that is exactly the case! It hits hard with just about every single one of the elements that made Good Time so great, only Heaven Knows What is a far bleaker film, probably since it's based off of the true story of a junkie, portrayed by that junkie. In Good Time, though it's still heavy, you kind of get to laugh at the characters for being such dumbasses, but in HKW, there's nothing to laugh about. These characters are all living through the bowels of existence - they are all fully psychologically emaciated - and the portrayal of it is painfully realistic. This is an extremely tragic film. If you can't find something to appreciate in tragedy, or in an analysis of psychological decomposition, then you probably won't like the movie. Personally, I found it to be some form of a masterpiece. A very fitting launchpad and showcase of ability for the incredible Safdie Brothers and for the brilliantly terrifying Caleb Landry Jones. It's also a very fitting precursor to the gripping masterpiece that is Good Time. I'm sure this was a very rewarding cathartic experience for the captivating lead, Arielle Holmes, as well - you could now call me a fan. I went to follow her on Instagram but couldn't find her :(

This film features one of the most devastating ways to start a film I have ever seen. To introduce two characters this way... that's why I give this film a 10. Everything that leads up to the title card... so, so heavy - so raw, so real. It's almost too much, and that's why it is such an accomplishment.

As such a huge Good Time fan, it's incredible to see Necro and show stealer Buddy Duress in their first roles as well. Duress really, really kills it in both this and Good Time. Such impressive performances coming from a dude who prior to this had been featured in zilch, nada, nothing.

I love reading negative reviews for films whenever I find a movie to be completely masterful. "I just couldn't figure out what this movie was about, it's incomprehensible!" LOL, really? Seems pretty straightforward to me: some junkies are living their screwed up lives, trying to survive, and we get to watch. There's nothing else to it, and there doesn't need to be. How is that incomprehensible?

I could go on, but I will stop here. As long as you are down with the bleakness, this is a movie you must see. The score by Japanese synth legend Isao Tomita is incredible as well. I'm just really wholly impressed. This movie is really gonna stick with me. I can't wait to see what the Safdie Brothers do next.

Reviewed by sgcim 7 / 10

This actually took place in Bayonne, not Manhattan?

Just saw this on Netflix, and I thought it was extremely well done, but it just didn't seem like most of the things that happened in the film could have taken place in the Manhattan of today. Too much of it took place right in the open, and I don't see how that could go on in the Police/Tourist State Manhattan has become, as the result of 24 years of the dictatorships of Giuliani and Bloomberg.

A film like Panic In Needle Park was done before the gentrification of Manhattan, so its Manhattan setting was quite believable, but the author of the 'book' this was based on, Ms. Holmes, said in an interview that most of the incidents this was based on were taken from her life in Bayonne, NJ. The brothers that made this flick met Ms. Holmes on the subway while she was doing some type of apprenticeship in the Diamond District.

I suppose that Ms. Holmes decided to set, "Mad Love in NYC" in NYC, because who would care about a book called "Mad Love in Bayonne"?

I had just seen "My Beautiful Broken Brain", and it seems to be a trend of having beautiful women who have gone through bad ordeals, starring in films about said ordeals. If both of these movies were about unattractive women, I doubt they would have had any marketability, hence probably wouldn't be made, but hey, it worked in my case; I wouldn't have watched either movie if their stars weren't so gorgeous!

Reviewed by j_ack 1 / 10

Awful film - truly awful

This is one of the worst films I've ever watched. I cannot believe they made a film on this topic for a start. They then managed to top that with one of the worst storyline and some of the strangest characters ever. This is a truly strange film from start to finish where none of the characters are remotely likable. Truly a mess and utterly dreadful from start to finish. I cannot believe how highly rated this film is, absolutely shockingly bad. Stay well away is my suggestion. Nothing good about this film. Would give it 0/10 if I could.

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