I Am Soldier


Action / Thriller / War

IMDb Rating 4.6 10 1789

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Miranda Raison as Stella
Noel Clarke as Carter
Tom Hughes as Mickey
Alex Reid as Dawn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ukmoose123 6 / 10

Unfair reviews!

I feel the other reviews for this film to be somewhat unfair, yes it'll never win any Oscars nor will it go down as an epic, I feel it certainly provides a fair amount of realism with regard to the selection process, being a former squaddie and in my early years having gone through the same selection process and failed miserably, I feel I can comment from first hand. All I can say is from a personal experience the film certainly portrays a realistic and brutal experience. Watching this film brought back some terrible memories that I would rather forget. If any squaddies currently serving is looking to do this selection course, trust me watch this film, well at least watch the first three quarters and it will give you a taster as to what to expect.

It is a low budget film, pretty poor acting and the end mission a complete let down and unprofessional acting, but nevertheless overall entertaining, therefore 6 stars.

Reviewed by jsboeckman 7 / 10

Agree Many Unfair Reviews

I agree there were many (IMHO) unfair reviews of this movie. I agree this one wasn't destined for Oscars, but it was better than many of the reviews it got here.

What I saw was a look at a couple guys trying out for the SAS. The selection process was not an in-depth look at how recruiting and training for this elite regiment is carried out, but I don't think that is the effect being sought after. Notes were given as the number of cadets was whittled down, and after the cut was made, a brief look at a single mission was given. I did think the ending left a LOT to be desired! There were holes left, questions unanswered, and a general feeling of WTF?? left in my mind, which reduces my overall number of stars. However, this was an interesting and otherwise reasonably well-done movie and I was not left with the feeling of 'there's 90 minutes of my life I'll never get back'. If you're expecting Rambo, or Full Metal Jacket, keep looking, this isn't it... but it also is no Lair of the White Worm (my go-to total turkey movie I use to compare a complete unpolished turd). It is worthy of a look, although probably not an addition to a DVD collection.

Reviewed by camvallance-295-765717 1 / 10

Incredibly poor.

This film is awful. Way to much "pensive" acting. Noel in particular is just acting as Noel always does. Attitude. I assume that aptitude comes into play in UKSF training/selection?

The film is believable for about 8 minutes.

The end is simply ridiculous.Hilarious. Reminded me of the Rock n Rolla Russian gangsters part.

And look how they operate at the final scene, I'm no soldier ,never have been, but they don't look the part.

Very poor.

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