Joy Ride


Action / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 74%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 65%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 62053

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Paul Walker as Lewis
Steve Zahn as Fuller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mattkratz 8 / 10


This movie is a good updated version of Duel. A guy springs his brother from jail and is on his way to pick up his female friend when they pull a trick on a trucker with the handle "Rusty Nail." They make him think he's meeting a woman named "Candy Cane" (the handle they use) at a motel. Unfortunately, the trucker turns out to be a bit "off his rocker" and turns the tables on them and follows them all over the highways with some "tricks" of his own.

My favorite scenes are where Rusty Nail calls them at the hotel, where he drives them off the road, the scene at the diner, and the tense motel scene at the end. This was a good, tense action movie with a good vocal performance by the actor as Rusty Nail.

*** out of ****

Reviewed by cmovies-99674 8 / 10

Joyful Fear

PROS: If their is one thing that I can say was the best part about this movie it would be how intense it was. There was a really nice section in the movie where you got to actually dive into the plot. The progression of intensity was slow but impactful, because by the time you got to the end you were on the edge of your seat, white knuckling the arm rests, with your mouth dropped to the floor. You really got invested in what was happening, and you wanted nothing more but to help the characters. You felt pain when they felt pain and you felt scared when they felt scared. This quality makes for a great horror.

CONS: I understand that this was a car horror, but there was so little believability in the second half of the movie. This aggravated me. What got you from point a to point b in the film was abstract in a bad way. The things that you would normally find to be interesting were so loosely connected that you ended up getting lost in the process and not in the actual film itself.

Reviewed by Davis P 8 / 10

Pretty suspenseful

Joy Ride (2001) is a very intense suspenseful film starring Paul Walker, Steve Zahn, and Leelee Sobieski. The cast is very good, I think all three of the stars were very good picks for their roles and they nailed their performances. In the beginning, Steve's character is extremely irritating, but as the movie progresses, he grows on you and as in all movies of this kind, the terror makes him a more likable person. Walker is very lovable all the way through, and Sobieski plays her role in a likable way too, you'll be pulling for these college age kids the entire way while a crazy truck driver terrorizes them to the breaking point. The thriller aspect of the movie is done very well, there is suspense galore throughout, especially towards the end. The writing is pretty good for the most part, the writing elevates the tension between these guys who played a practical joke gone horribly wrong and the psychotic driver. Overall, I'd say that Joy Ride is a fun thriller that I'd recommend. 8/10.

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