Last Call at Murray's


Comedy / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.5 10 134

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Michael Gross as Murray
John Savage as Bennett
Rachel Alig as Dawn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by freelandla 10 / 10

One of the Best Indie Films Ever!

This film is really, really good - writing, directing, acting - you name it I liked it all. The story moved at a good pace, not too fast or too slow, and there was a lot of range in the characters. It's rare for a film set in only one location to have so many layers and levels but this film did it very well. The technical aspects were flawless, music was great - nothing sucked. I especially liked that the storyline was not predictable in any way, and that it always kept the viewer surprised by what would happen next. The film ended on a positive note, and I left the theater feeling better than when I went in - the sign of a truly great film. I KNOW you will get distribution and full theatrical release - no doubt in my mind. Way to go - home run!!! Thank you very much for sharing this film and bringing it to the world!

Reviewed by vadorra 8 / 10

Out there performances in a tiny space

After watching LAST CALL AT MURRAY'S with the packed-to-the-walls, exuberant crowd at the Crest Theater, I realized a film like Murray is actually quite difficult to make – on so many levels. As John Savage suggested, close quarters results in harmony or chaos and often a bit of both. But there they all were - crew and cast - in the tiny space every day with all the folks and onlookers and equipment and pretty bras and egos and insecurities and, of course, loads of talent. That's it. No bells and whistles, no CGI, no car crashes, no diversions. Everything shows, every emotion, every detail. It's raw and vulnerable and brave. Bravo to all. By the way, Without a Song sung by Paula Jai Parker is lovely and beautifully performed.

Reviewed by marlawhite-11553 10 / 10

Stranger Danger meets Frindship to the Core

I love this film, so many stories coming together as one. I laughed, I cried, I got goosebumps. The music was perfectly played at all the right times. The cast was great, particularly Skip Lars played him wickedly smart and funny. I loved the relationship between D.R. and Danice. It just clicked and made all of us cheer for them. The interaction between Bennett and Murray was just so real (even it was only four days!) and the explosion of love at the end was so believable. My heart ached for Bennett. I love endings that tie up loose ends and leave us wanting more. Jack and Murray give us all that. In a shot glass!

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