Last Knights


Action / Adventure / Drama / History / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 13%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 46%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 37822

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Morgan Freeman as Bartok
Ayelet Zurer as Naomi
Clive Owen as Raiden
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by philpenn-49374 8 / 10

Last Knights does not get the respect it deserves

Last Knights is a unique and interesting remake of the classic 47 Ronin. Set in medieval England instead of Japan enables a retelling more attractive to westerners as it takes Japanese honor codes and draws the parallels with everything we love in an Arthurian legend. The story is packed with both action and thoughtful storytelling that holds interest throughout.

In my opinion, the poor reviews come from two places. First, people who want pure action are turned off by the lull in the middle where the endgame is prepared. They are simply bored waiting for the next sword fight and have no care for the story at all.

The second, less frequent, are those who appreciate the story but object to the graphic honesty of the martial scenes.

If you are ready for both, if you want to be inspired by not just physical prowess but devotion to something or someone greater than yourself, enjoy Last Knights as did I.

Reviewed by Metallicage 7 / 10

Owen, please do more roles like this !!!

Now how I ended up watching this movie in 2018 ? Well I have been searching on GOOGLE for movies that are similar to Gladiator or King Arthur or Braveheart so that I can quench my thirst after watching a movie with plent of well managed SWORD fights - a movie with knights in it, or with warriors who know how to raise a metal and how to swing a damn blade.

So, I found few titles and I picked up this movie for the cast was fairly impressive and I like Clive so much in such roles full of attitude! Honestly, I am a bit surprised with a low rating for this movie this movie is around a 6.8 at least. I rated it a 7 for few reasons that are mentioned below:

1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the acting of almost every one who was given a role. From Morgan Freeman to that kid who died defending the iron gate. Of course, I would bed hollywood to cast Clive Owen more and more for such roles, as his looks are so damn perfect for all of it ! I even request GOT recruiting team to have him on for even only two episodes in the last season (if possible) and besides he has dashing british accent anyways!

2. The script was well written. I have to say the dialogues were nicely penned and were having least disappointing moments for the viewers. Hell yea I even found it a bit emotional sometimes during the movie.

3. Ending was very well balanced. For a movie like this one, it is not easy to first of begin it with an eye catching scene or scenes and then to finish it off in a way everyone feels satisfactory about. Till the last moment when clive opens his eyes, I felt pretty satiable about the entire movie. I strongly feels there should be another part of it.

4. Finally, the stage setting and locations were pretty decent. Soundtrack was not too bad either. I felt it was a combination from some of the Hans Zimmer, but only at few times.

Well, such movies are always soothing to watch and I dun know if it is me (as I am a mughal by cast :P) or many others think the same way. This film made me think several times that I should go act for Hollywood for one of my own scripts and I should better start writing one now to make it happen in my dreams after years :)

Reviewed by zidangus 9 / 10

Really good, and enjoyable, highly recommend it

After reading the initial reviews of this movie I thought it might be a bit of a turkey. However, I like these type of movies so I thought I would give it 15-20 minutes and see how it goes. Happily, it went well, I was hooked on the storyline and the acting. Clive Owen was fantastic as he usually is in these type of roles, Morgan Freeman, again one of his better movies, and the supporting cast all very well acted. The CGI was good but plot and acting outshone it, which is a really good thing in my opinion. Anyway, I really do recommend this film to those people who like this genre. So please do not listen to the negative reviews to much, watch it for 15 minutes and then decide for yourself if it's for you.

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