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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 67%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 54%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 195068

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Rebecca Ferguson as Miranda North
Jake Gyllenhaal as David Jordan
Ryan Reynolds as Rory Adams
Hiroyuki Sanada as Sho Murakami
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tony-clifton 9 / 10

People didn't like it because the creature didn't seem realistic

I've been reading reviews of this movie and it seemed many people didn't like it because they thought this carbon/water based creature was unrealistic. Nothing can survive the vacuum of space, extreme cold and extreme heat, no water and food for years, etc... but there IS an organism that can do that. It's called a "tardigrade" - this little creature can survive lethal amounts of radiation, 1 degree above absolute zero temperature, it can turn its body into glass to survive extreme dehydration, it can survive the vacuum of space and the pressure of many hundreds of meters underwater and survive above boiling temperature.

Coincidentally, shortly after learning about this fascinating creature I came across the movie "Life", and that's probably why I love it so much. What would happen if a hostile alien with the durability of a tardigrade and a lethality of a xenomorph decided to hunt us down? I was thrilled at the prospect! Although some will fault some of the poor choices of the characters, I found them on par with the choices of "Alien:Covenant" characters, but I wasn't going to fault the movie because the premise intrigued me so much. I for one, found it an exciting and thrilling movie!!

Reviewed by emailbox911 7 / 10

Not as bad as people make it out to be.

The internet is a funny place... it seems to be filled with people who have graduated with 5 Ph.Ds. and clearly seem to be smarter than everybody else (thousands of astronauts and astrophysicists on IMDb apparently). One star rating? Come on... Clearly, you haven't watched enough films to know decent from terrible.

I watched this film without having heard of it (no trailers, spoilers or anything). I'm a sci-fi fan and thought this was a good watch.

I found the characters to lack depth and their actions were questionable at times but the plot was believable and the acting decent. Special effects were good and made the movie believable in my opinion. The movie was well shot and I thought the scenes with the creature were pretty cool.

I don't get how people even compare this movie to "Aliens"; it's nothing alike. Overall, I thought it was pretty good.

Reviewed by jsmith-59317 7 / 10

An OK film,better than Prometheus and its sequel - Spoilers to Prometheus and Life

Before watching this. I only watched two alien movies Prometheus and Alien:Covenant. I would say that Life is much better than those two. The personalities of characters are not distinctly portrayed, but this should at least partially result from the nature of the movie: People dying one after another. Thus give very little time for the character that died early. The character in the film are reasonable and heroic compared to the characters in Prometheus. At least they have the "firewall" in their mind and the captain made right decision to abandon crew at times, in contrast to the behavior of characters in Prometheus to let infected crew into the spacecraft.

Some reviews criticized the behavior of Hugh Derry of poking the alien life with hand. I too think it's not the most wise move. But as other comments pointed out. This is a carbon-based creature that shares similarity with us. Maybe Hugh just hadn't imagined that that creature could have been so powerful considering its thin and small form factor.But Dr.Hugh still looked stupid to me in the entire film. Especially when he try to cover for the alien life on his leg.

Maybe it's the unsurpassable stupidity of crews in Prometheus and Alien:Covenant made me immune to stupidity. The rest of the crew looked normal to me. The captain sometimes makes contrary decisions on whether a crew should be abandoned on similar situation. But I think it is understandable given the pressure and continuous death of other crew members.

The ending is not new in the history of alien movies, but it's much better than a "human being saved" cliché in my opinion.

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