Line of Descent


Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 4.7 10 256

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Brendan Fraser as Charu
Max Beesley as Commissioner Bates
Abhay Deol as Officer Raghav
Bernard White as Officer Amin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alteracc34 6 / 10

Not as Bad as Everyone says it is

Although there would have been much better use of talent available of starcast and story/script written 1000 times better than this linear narration, this one is not as bad as some people have commented. Its about a Crime syndicate run by Family Partiarch Prem Chopra who's death leads to fight of succession and struggle between brothers, this is linked with International mafia scene. All could have been done in much better way though.

Reviewed by iSatchit 4 / 10

Don't waste your time

I watched this movie because of 02 actors , Abhay and Ronit. 1. I don't understand, what made Abhay do this film. (Talent Wasted) 2. Ronit's performance was great as usual, but i found his role too short. 3. Feels good to see Prem Chopraji on the screen , he looks great. 4. Coming to Neeraj Kabi , he was just below average , I think this role was not meant for him. Again, a piece of advice Ekavali Khanna " what are you doing ??" After Angrezi mein kehte hain , the audience expects something of that caliber and you ruining it with stuff like this and "Out of love"

Reviewed by rajat_124 4 / 10

Wasted effort even after a great cast

When I first saw its trailer in one of the streaming site, I had high hopes of from this movie with ensemble star cast like Ronit, Abhay, Neeraj Kabi and above all Brendan Fresar. 15 minutes into watching and got to know that I was wrong, a great potential got wasted . Narrative of this movie is very patchy, no thrill moment, it's like a family drama. Ronit's role was short, Neeraj and Abhay was ok. I don't know what makers wanted to show - a family issue, a thriller or action. But found nothing. Only good thing was it's running time which typically was less.

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