Living with the Enemy


Crime / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.3 10 567

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Sarah Lancaster as Allison Conner Lauder
Maxim Roy as Bev Wallach
Morgan Kelly as Rudy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by edwagreen 7 / 10

Living With the Enemy- With Husbands Like This ***

A beautiful Sarah Lancaster stars in this unusual movie. Mr. Humphrey (Philip Lauder) shows a profile similar to John Edwards.

As an assistant to an executive, Allison finds the love of her life- any woman would find this handsome hunk a gem, as he is a billionaire. His firm, Cobalt, is amazing.

After a day of whirlwind romance, they wed and the fun begins. He brings her home to an estate run by his alcoholic vicious sister who thinks she is an older version of Dorothy Malone's Oscar winning performance in "Written on the Wind." I thought that this sister would be another Mrs. Danvers of "Rebecca" fame. Allison also sees that the house is like a fortress and she is given rules to live by the security agency that guards her.

Turns out that Phil Lauder was married twice before. Wife #2 was kidnapped and found dead. While walking on the street, Allison is pulled away by the FBI. She finds that Phil is under investigation for shady dealings-anyone opposing Cobalt seems to meet a sudden, nasty end.

Look out for a sinister attorney-friend, the real culprit. The end is rather satisfying as we realize that Allison has become another Cinderella.It's another fairy-tale ending.

Reviewed by prohibited-name-1082 7 / 10

an entertaining evening with lots of twists and turns

Airing on The Lifetime Channel as "Living with the Enemy" this film features Sarah Lancaster as a harried assistant who is swept off her feet by a techie billionaire. While adjusting to her new life - being the wife of a billionaire can be a tad stifling with the cars and bodyguards - the young bride discovers some nasty history behind her hubby's success. While some of the many twists and turns seemed a bit too convenient, there were enough of them that weren't too obvious so that I was entertained throughout. Overall, the movie makes for a nice evening. It kept me guessing - and staying tuned after each commercial break!

Reviewed by tmcclus 8 / 10

Solid Hitchcockian thriller

"Living With The Enemy" is a modern Cinderella story gone horribly wrong. When a pretty and decent journalist accompanies her boss to interview a reclusive Bill Gates type, she gets more than she could ever have dreamed out of the initial encounter. But billion dollar fortunes aren't made on hugs, and the more the main character gets involved with this world, the more confusing things become for her until she doesn't know who to trust. I'm a big fan of thrillers and the evocative and balanced storytelling by writer Alexandra Komisaruk and Phillipe Gagnon in this film kept me guessing. A nice twist on the theme of, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Sarah Lancaster was a good choice for the lead - more depth than the usual heroine, with girl next door looks in some scenes and more sparkle in others. Overall, a good bet!

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