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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
IMDb Rating 4.4 10 52634

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Miley Cyrus as Lola
Fisher Stevens as Roman
Marlo Thomas as Gran
Demi Moore as Anne
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by 3Shirts 1 / 10

Don't dismiss all these reviews as 'just old people moaning'

A lot of these reviews do sound a bit like old people who don't understand youth culture. There is a lot of moaning about 'these kids with cell phones constantly in their face'. The problem is that this film fails to challenge that image at all. I understand that the way teenagers communicate has changed. They use internet slang in person, they are on social media a lot and always using a smart-phone. It makes sense for films to reflect that.

The problem is that this film is total tripe, regardless.

The acting is horrendous on all sides, particularly Cyrus who clearly already passed the limits of her acting talent in Hannah Montana and needs to just jack it in. How Demi Moore got involved in this I do not know. Sure, she's done some bad movies in the past but I thought she was older and wiser now. Apparently not.

I not only failed to empathise with any of these people, I actively started to dislike all of them for being so woefully one dimensional. If you have a teenage daughter, or even just know a teenage girl, ask her about her life at school or the boys she likes. I guarantee it will be more interesting and engaging than the plot of this film.

I actually consider this film does more harm than good to the very people it portrays. It could have been an insight into the, sometimes impenetrable, world of teenage life. It could have shown parents or other adults how things have changed since their youth and why social media is so important to teenagers these days. Instead it just reinforces the image that they are shallow, whiny, and entitled 'kids' with no perspective on the real world.

I would say this is just for hardcore Miley Cyrus fans but actually it's more likely to upset you if you liked her before. It's not for anyone, simple as that.

Reviewed by fixedfrequencies 1 / 10

ow, my head

first of all there is nothing I could say to spoil this film, whoever wrote it already achieved that

I couldn't get through the film - I have a soft spot for Mileys films, I liked Hannah Montana the movie and the last song and I like her voice. so you know my loathing for this film isn't based on a loathing of Miley.

If this film was pointing out how much of todays teenagers are self obsessed vile creatures then job done - however I am guessing the audience is supposed to sympathise with the characters.

the first interaction with the mother in this film is Miley stripping off right in front of her to have a shower and thus an argument ensuing about the Brazilian she had done - seriously?! who in the hell acts like this?! what Teenager on this planet strips off in front of a parent?!

the scene editing is relentless, there is no time for the film to breath. in fact as someone who suffers migraines chronically, someone who has had brain scans on many occasions for cluster headaches I can tell you this with some degree of certainty that if I was charged with putting a migraine into film form - this film is pretty much what you'd get.

Also just for your information teenagers - "LOL" is an abbreviation we were using in the 90s when we invented the internet as it is now, go make up your own stuff!

Reviewed by Ananya 10 / 10

A truly incredible movie.

LOL is one of the only 2 movies that I've rated a 10 and believe me, I'm stingy with my stars. I find the number of negative reviews truly shocking because this is one of my absolute favourite movies.

Let me just start by stating how incredible the soundtrack is. With Keane, Coconut Records, and Jean-Philippe Verdin, it's perfect. I like how the music from the original movie has been used.

Pretty much everything is identical to the original French film except the names of all the characters other than Lola and Anne. And the cast, of course. I'm not a huge fan of Miley Cyrus but she was amazing in this film and so was Demi Moore. George Finn and Douglas Booth were great too.

The portrayal of the mother-daughter relationship was realistic and accurate. High school? Probably not. I wish my school could have been that fun. But I suppose that's a part of the reason why I love this movie so much.

I just love the vibe that LOL gives out, if that makes any sense. I like the mood it sets and the whole theme.

I love this movie.

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