Michael Jackson's Journey from Motown to Off the Wall


Action / Documentary / Music

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 93%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 90%
IMDb Rating 7.4 10 1987

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by noelani54 10 / 10

A wonderful documentary on the Michael Jackson I knew and loves!

I've watched this about ten time, now. The Jackson Five was big when I was in high school and I loved the songs they did in the very early 70s. I love how this addresses how mature he was, as a child, and how he was so eager to learn and instinctively knew things that it took most adult artists years to learn. He was amazing, and in interviews, he always seemed so nice, and to enjoy what he was doing, immensely.

I love the fact that this documentary ends before what I think of as the artificial Michael Jackson started to come out. That part is so unspeakably sad that I can't stand to watch anything about it. I don't really think saying that is a spoiler, since the title says that it only goes through "Off the Wall".

Reviewed by luvtzone 10 / 10

A must see, thank you Spike Lee!

Once again, Spike Lee brings us a wonderful introspective into the life of our beloved Michael. This is a must-see for those of us who literally grew up with the music and presence of the Jackson 5, Jacksons, and "MJ".

Not that we need a reminder of the magic of Michael Jackson, but the rare footage and interview snippets definitely will bring smile to one's soul.

I especially loved the portion of the film where they discussed The Wiz, which is my favorite film to this day. So many parallels exist between Michael and the scarecrow. It's rare to find behind the scene footage of this movie, so the feedback from the screenwriter, producer, musical director and others talking about working on this cult classic is amazing.

And obviously, the mesh of Quincy Jones with Michael to create the masterpiece that is Off the Wall...is the stuff of legends. To this day, this album still sounds new. It simply grooves and is a dancer's dream. From the pulsing bass line and explosive percussion on "Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough" to the softer, jazzier Stevie Wonder-flavored Quiet-storm favorite, "I Can't Help It". The iconic "Rock With You" had the gorgeous video of Michael in the silver/black suite and matching boots.

The instrumentation and songwriting on OTW was just as incredible as the lyrical performance. Top-notch musicians, writers were used and it was LIVE. Not Memorex. Louis Johnson of the Brothers Johnson showcased his signature bass slapping on "On the Floor". Then you had former Heatwave member, Rod Temperton bringing hits "Off the Wall" and "Burn this Disco Out" to the table. This album showcased so many talents from writers to musicians. Even "Girlfriend" was written by Beatle great, Paul McCartney. And who can forget a choked up Michael singing the last cracking notes of "She's Out of My Life". He was a master at emoting. Hands down. "It's the Falling in Love" was a smooth duet with Patti Austin, who also sang great duets with James Ingram. Yet, with all the music masters behind this project, the album only won 1 Grammy for the song "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough". It was all good though because the seed was planted from OTW and the next album Thriller would absolutely break the Grammys and the world on so many levels.

We were pretty much introduced to the Michael the solo star from this album. It was truly the catalyst to his rocket-launched career.

Reviewed by Adam_West_as_Batdan 7 / 10

Not as good and complete as Bad 25 (2012) but still good.

Off The Wall is my favorite Michael Jackson album, so when I heard that Spike Lee was gonna make a documentury about the making of that album it made me excited as I thought he did really good with 'Bad 25 (2012)' which was about the making of MJ's BAD album and 'shortfilms'.

Watching it it feels more rushed than 'Bad 25' which dug deep into the whole making of the album where as this 'Journey from Motown to Off the Wall' is a bit more unfocused.

I mean in a way it makes sense that it would, as it not only covers the making of 'Off the Wall' but the first half of the doc also covers Michael Jackson's career from the very beginning of Jackson 5 to the birth of said album.

Which isn't a bad thing but it also has some stuff I didn't appreciate much, such as there is a guy (think he's a rapper) who talks about how the first time he heard 'She's Out Of My Life' was when Eddie Murphy was making fun of him in 'Delirious'.

And then they go into cutting back and forth Michael Jacksons emotional performance to Eddie Murphy's parody and it just didn't sit right with me as I found it a bit disrespectful and also I don't think many people can relate to that random guy's story either.

And although Justin Bieber was a questionable interview-object in 'Bad 25' I think, Kobe Bryant is even more questionable who get's even more screen-time being interviewed here, like what does he even know about music?

I know Spike Lee is a big basketball fan but jeez.

Also feel like Spike Lee himself occasionally forget to just document as he often reacts loudly to what the interview-objects are saying, making various comments. He also takes the time to tell a story of a childhood story, with a very loose connection to MJ.

And a lot of interviews of substance are archive footage but overall it's still mostly entertaining and interesting.

I know I wrote a lot of things about some less good parts of the documentary but there is still more than enough good clips to go around to validate a watch and I actually kind of hope that Spike Lee will make a documentary about the making of 'Dangerous' as well.

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