Nothing But the Truth


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 82%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 35067

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Kate Beckinsale as Rachel Armstrong
Vera Farmiga as Erica Van Doren
David Schwimmer as Ray Armstrong
Angela Bassett as Bonnie Benjamin
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English 2.0
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1 hr 48 min
P/S 6 / 39

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by EngineerSahab 7 / 10

Something you don't see regularly on Hollywood's menu - Definitely worth your time!

The ending reminded me of "The Sixth Sense". The only thing is, it was just us (the viewers) this time. Although the major part of the script was focused on Beckinsale's character which she flawlessly portrays, but it was Vera Fermiga who stole the show with her limited screen time. Since, it was a work of fiction which was somewhat inspired by real events, a more screen space to Fermiga's character would have certainly maintained the intensity in the plot which clearly declined after she parts away. You have to watch it to believe it. These two ladies faced off each other twice in the movie and I have to say those were the moments you couldn't forget. As for the whole movie, it is something you don't see regularly on Hollywood's menu and therefore is definitely worth your time.

The ending will leave you asking this question to yourself - "Was she really protecting the source? Was it really about her principles?" And yes, you will get your answers shortly and that answer changes every opinion you had about the characters that you could have vouched for.

And this my friend is what makes this piece of work alluring!

Reviewed by gioylimp 2 / 10

Disappointed by the end

I felt such an idiot in the end! The idea of the story was good, the reason for not revealing the source... I can understand that.. but...That's not a source! All these bad things happened to her family, for what? For something a kid said? A kid? Really? I think she could avoid all that if she would say"OK I heard that from your kid". The end. No court, no death, no revealing the source "matter".. no nothing. The whole movie happened for nothing. Is there something I miss and don't understand?

Reviewed by TonyMontana96 4 / 10

A weak, unimportant political thriller.

(Originally reviewed: 19/02/2017) Here is a political thriller that's plain and simple forgettable; despite some good performance from a well-able cast. The film starts off rather interesting, getting the story outlined and so forth with decent direction from Rod Lurie, but even then there was some poor dialogue which I think was just unfunny and unnecessary, this line was "Eggs give you cancer", says the little boy, Schwimmer replies "I'll finish your cancer", not only is this out of context but I surely don't like jokes about serious subjects such as cancer. Before I get to my major problems with the story, I have a few nit-picks, Beckinsale is merely trying to help Farmiga but she is consistently unlikeable at first, calling Beckinsale "an unpatriotic little c**t", almost in front of her son, which I found most unnecessary. Another is that the judge is unbelievably one sided which I have rarely seen in actual, strong thrillers and even courtroom dramas, surely the judge has to be somewhat fair and not favour one client unless there is a pay-off going on which was unsurprisingly not the case. Lurie's script is also completely subpar when it's not being stupid and dull.

Another howler in the dialogue is when Farmiga tells another female CIA operative "you're so lucky you're a woman, because I don't hit girls", which is more pure idiocy which doesn't land whether it was intended to be funny or not. However there are some positives; I like some of the humour, including two instances; one where Beckinsale's character is told by a female prison officer that there is no sex aloud, this includes "eating Pussy", I found this fairly amusing, as I have never heard someone actually try and use that joke in this type of situation, the other instance was when Beckinsale is being interviewed and she's confronted about her source and she has a speech that involves "because the government doesn't care where Paris Hilton had dinner last night; which put her in her place on national television and was a well-timed, amusing line.

There is a couple of smart lines of dialogue, such as one where a character is told he's making a mistake and he says " sometimes a mistake is invading Russia in the winter", but there's not much in terms of these kinds of lines which is a shame. The performances are respectable for the most part, but mainly from Kate Beckinsale (Rachael, the reporter), Alan Alda (Albert, her lawyer) and Angela Bassett Bonnie, Rachael's boss), but I still think Matt Dillion (Patton, prosecutor) and Vera Farmiga (Erica, CIA operative) are also pretty good. David Schwimmer (Rachael's husband) is merely passable and his character is a first class asshole, that doesn't even bother to patiently wait for his wife, and jumps into bed with another woman as soon as she's imprisoned. There was one point where I was thinking Rachael's time in prison is at least not a cliché but later on she does end up getting beaten up, which like most films with prison sequences is predictable and tiresome. My main problems with the story are two big points, 1) Erica end's up getting shot by a guy pretending to be lost who clearly has a gun in his left hand, now wouldn't a CIA operative have more intelligence and be more cautious when under scrutiny from possible treason? The film insults the intelligence of trained operative's and the audience with it.

2) The ending; so the source she was protecting was an 8 year old girl? I highly doubt the government would take action from an 8 year old, let alone kill her, so many like myself will consider the ending a waste of their time; once the ending is revealed the film is completely useless and you leave disappointed and unsatisfied. I did however find the first half or so at least intriguing, but it soon devolves into a slow paced, boring film with a forgettable plot, mediocre writing and a sexist remark thrown in to get the feminists riled up; you should find this during the but if it was a man and not a woman speech towards the third act of the film. Nothing but the Truth even pulls the character back into jail before the end credit's so we can see how it was all a pointless affair, there's plenty of clichés on offer, and that's not the main problem; the fact is, this is a poor political thriller which is forgettable, uninspiring and takes Rachael 237 days to nearly get free from, lucky her, for me it felt even longer, this picture is a waste of time.

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