One Day


Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 36%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 49%
IMDb Rating 7 10 132812

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by carrotjarrott 9 / 10


i thought this was just a plain romantic movie with a boring plot, tho it almost sounds like that... but mostly it was very fresh to me and really interesting... it simply so realistic and magical with so much touch of feelings...I've watched this for three times and yet never bored to amaze me

Reviewed by saletehnolog 7 / 10

Already seen, 7-

The film's action is meaningless. Not from the aspect of emotions, which are obvious, but from the aspect of their mutual relationship. Are you aware that the frame of the story of this pair has been put into a span of 15 years? The two of them are 15 years old and after so long, he comes to see each other and within a few hours he decides to leave a jazz musician and go to him ?!Instead of being self-indulgent at least make a happy ending, you have made a complete breakdown. After all, she moves after work to see him and kick her by bouncing a truck from a bicycle. For God's sake, are you real ?! On this I would add that a scene in which a sick mother comes drunk and drugged represents something that is far from reality. I will not comment on the actors because in this story they could not show the best of themselves.

Reviewed by Christopher Malpas 7 / 10

Inconsistent but lovely

I admit I have a soft spot for romantic films, and One Day didn't disappoint too much for me.

Dexter and Emma meet in July 1988 after graduating from Edinburgh University, and over the course of the rest of the film we go through 20 years of what they're doing together, or separately on the 15th July each year.

Early on in the film Emma is kind of mousy but nice whereas Dexter is kind of smarmy but with charm. Dexter's life is almost immediately successful after graduation whereas Emma struggles, and doesn't achieve her career goals right away. Both characters develop out of their more negative personality traits as the film progresses.

Both leads are pretty good with the material given to them. Anne Hathaway's accent isn't brilliant as other reviewers have mentioned, but it wasn't too distracting for me. Jim Sturgess' accent goes all over the place too and he is British! I'm guessing he's supposed to posses a posh Anglo-Scots accent.. The ageing process through makeup/hair etc. works mostly although I did find Jim Sturgess' ginger beard and grey hair aged about 45 a bit distracting and very unnatural looking - not a good job by the hair and makeup artists there!

Anyway, the film looks really good, very well shot with a use of colours to convey the mood and emotion of Emma and Dexter at that particular time in their lives.

Other characters come in and out of Dexter and Emma's lives throughout which adds some depth to the story.

I found myself rooting for the leads mostly, and although I've not read the book I had kind of worked out what would happen by the end but when it comes it is a bit of a shock. The grief and sadness after this are very well portrayed I think.

Overall I enjoyed One Day. It isn't without flaws, and I think the one-day aspect of the story actually doesn't help as you never feel completely involved or connected with anything happening. Perhaps it works better in the book than it does in a 90 minute movie.

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