Paint Your Wagon


Comedy / Drama / Musical / Romance / Western

IMDb Rating 6.6 10 11664

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Clint Eastwood as Pardner
Lee Marvin as Ben Rumson
Jean Seberg as Elizabeth

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Samus Aran 8 / 10

A very silly but very fun movie

(No spoilers herein).

My friend sent me this movie wanting to know my comments on it, without telling me even a word of what it was about or what he thought of it. I went and checked out the entry on IMDB and was a touch confused why he was sending me a sort of musical half-western flick, being that neither of those categories would pop up at the top of either our lists.

Needless to say, something about this movie surprised me -- I fully enjoyed watching it ! Right from the start the characters were interesting and the scenes quite absurdly funny. Some of the singing was truly awful (in a funny way), and other songs were actually very toe-tappingly catchy.

There is a whole lot of physical humor in this movie, from the opening scene after they bury the guy, to the ending scenes with the bull. And holy crap the older man drinks a lot. I don't think I've ever seen a movie where a single character drinks so much hard alcohol ! Along with the numerous sexual jokes I certainly wouldn't recommend this movie for children.

As the movie came to a conclusion, I found myself attached to the main characters and wanting to see more of their adventures. The plot had a very natural progression. As silly and ridiculous as it certainly was, the plot made a strange sort of sense.

I rate the movie an 8 out of 10.

Reviewed by Debo 10 / 10

Unfairly reviled

Much has been written about how terrible this film is, how it marked the end of both the Western and Musical genres, but to those of us who like both musicals and westerns this movie is a real treat. Clint's vocal stylings do indeed leave something to be desired, but Lee Marvin's talky singing is reminiscent not only of Robert Preston in the Music Man, but to Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady.

But the reason I recommend this movie is that it is dashed funny. Clever, one might say, and not a bit bawdy, in a chaste-by-today's-standards sort of way. I agree that people who don't like musicals--and it's not unreasonable to assume that many Eastwood fans fall into that category--wouldn't enjoy this movie any more than they would enjoy any other movie in which people wander in and out of songs at random. But I do argue that it shouldn't be avoided on reputation. It's divinely amusing.

Reviewed by dane-lucas 10 / 10

fabulous film

i love this film,

i think it portrays the idea of the last outpost of freedom before 'society' catches up brilliantly. I have always thought this film to be male orientated so maybe this is why it was not successful. Out in 'No Name City' there were no women till Ben hijacked the tarts stage remember. Still there was real camaraderie between the men, even love really when you consider how Ben and Partner shared everything ! But seriously those two men loved each other, speaking as a married non homophobic male I could relate to the affection that they had for each other. Some of us men if we would dare admit it have male friends that we have shared our lives with,laughed and cried with, got blind drunk with, ran from the law with, watched each others backs...etc etc. Great film, great songs 'theres a coach....Moria...get the soap and name city... Full of free spirit, adventure, hope, whisky,women (eventually !) "here it is I mean here it is "

"i give you the boy,give me back the man !"

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