Pillow Talk


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 93%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 87%
IMDb Rating 7.4 10 14730

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Doris Day as Jan Morrow
Rock Hudson as Brad Allen
William Schallert as Hotel Clerk
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by beresfordjd 9 / 10

In spite of what we know now

In spite of what we know now, Rock Hudson still convinces as a woman-chaser!! He was never considered to be a great actor but he convinced the public for years- so what dom the critics know? This movie is brilliant in every respect-script, plot , performances and the look of the whole thing. How can Doris Day be so sexy and virginal at the same time? Rock Hudson showed a real flair for comedy in this film and it is no wonder that every romantic comedy has been judged against the "Rock Hudson/Doris Day" movies. Even the Doris Day movies NOT starring Rock Hudson were called "Rock Hudson/Doris Day" !!! Doris Day was/is one of the most underrated actresses of the last 50 years. She could play comedy with perfect timing, but convince totally in dramas (check out "Love Me or Leave Me"-fantastic performance.) I must have watched this movie dozens of times and it is still true entertainment. If you have never watched one of her movies then make a point of doing so-yes they have dated, but what has not? Real talent not hype is what true stars have. By the way the 9/10 is because of the dated plot.

Reviewed by HotToastyRag 8 / 10

Fantastic escapism flick

The most famous of the three Doris Day and Rock Hudson movies, Pillow Talk is a delightful escapism flick. If you try and take it too seriously, you'll realize Rock Hudson is a world-class jerk and they're terribly ill-suited for one another. If you just take it for what it is-a pretty piece of fluff-it'll probably end up as one of your favorite old movies!

You youngsters out there had better get ready for a history lesson: in the olden days, people didn't have cell phones and they didn't even get their own landlines! They had to share on what was known as a "party line" and if the other half of the party line was on the phone, they couldn't make or receive calls. Got it? Okay, because in Pillow Talk, Doris and Rock share a party line. He's a playboy and she can't stand listening to his escapades over the phone-but they've never met. They have a mutual friend, Tony Randall, who's in love with Doris, but when Rock finally bumps into Doris, he makes it his mission to get her into bed. See what I mean about thinking he's a pretty terrible person?

Anyway, the fluffy parts of the movie are cute and funny, and all the sex jokes that were scandalous at the time will probably still make you giggle. The classic line that's oft repeated in classic movie montages is when Doris insists, "I have no bedroom problems! There's nothing in my bedroom that bothers me," and Rock quips back, "Oh, that's too bad." If you think that's funny, you'll probably like the rest of the movie.

Doris is given some beautiful dresses to wear in the film, showing off her beautiful figure and also showing the audience part of her character. She's a successful, dedicated interior decorator, so it makes sense she'd give her own style the same consideration she gives to her clients. She was given her only Oscar nomination for the movie, which was ridiculous, but Thelma Ritter was also nominated for playing the same part she'd played for ten years, which was also ridiculous. If you just accept that Pillow Talk has a certain degree of ridiculousness about it, it'll be extremely entertaining. Doris sings the song "Rolly Polly" about a fat man, and Rock laughs his head off and says, "Oh, I like that." Just accept it, and make it your new favorite song to hate. Rock puts on a horrible Texas accent and Doris blindly accepts it because he's handsome. Just go with it! Tony Randall is hilarious, devoted, rich, and showers her with presents, but she doesn't want him. Just laugh along and appreciate Tony at his best.

With all the little faults, Pillow Talk is very cute. There are several of screenwriters Stanley Shapiro's and Maurice Richlin's hilarious lines that have made it as permanent phrases in my household, and I'm sure you'll squeal with laughter and delight at many of them. And as a sweet bonus, Allen Jenkins has a small but memorable part; I love to see silver screen actors still employed even when they get old. Go out and buy a copy of all three Doris and Rock films and then have a marathon to see which one's your favorite!

Reviewed by davidallen-84122 10 / 10

Doris has never been better

I'm often asked which of Doris Day's movies I would most highly recommend (I've been a fan since I was seven years old).I'll stay within the years 1953 to 1963 because the only one I disliked in that period was "The Tunnel Of Love". Like most of the other reviewers,"Pillow Talk" has to be my first choice.It's hard to add anything new to the excellent,glowing reviews that precede mine but I'll try. For a start,this movie makes me chuckle to myself just thinking about it.Everything works for me,from the opening credits to the end. Doris looks gorgeous throughout and her timing and double takes are a treat.I relish the moment when she attempts to reach a compromise over the party-line problem and very reasonably suggests to 'Mr. Allen'; "we are just going to have to try living with one- another".The way she pauses,on realizing what she may have insinuated, reminds me of a similar classic moment with Clark Gable in "Teacher's Pet"(don't miss that one). Rock Hudson was obviously very much at ease with Doris,both on and off screen and his comic timing is also spot on.To quote Doris; "What a marvellous looking man". Thelma Ritter and Tony Randall are both in top form.Love the elevator man too.

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