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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 16%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 46%
IMDb Rating 5.5 10 125790

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Adam Sandler as Brenner
Ashley Benson as Lady Lisa
Peter Dinklage as Eddie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alponurtr 1 / 10

Awful Movie

First Of All, I do not hate Adam Sandler. I do not like his movies but I do not hate him as an actor. Second of all, this movie is awful. Even though almost all Sandler Movies are dreadful, the concept and the Director of this movie seemed pretty good so I still had some expectations. And.... all of them went to trash. All of them. In a movie like this you can not expect a deep story and characters, just a fun 1 hour and 30 minute flick to watch but this movie is not the best movie for that. The jokes are painfully unfunny, actors and casting is just dreadful (not Peter Dinklage he was literally the best part of the movie other than the concept.) and an uninspired story. If anybody wants video game-y movie like this watch Wreck-It Ralph or Scott Pilgrim Vs The World or something.

This is not the movie that changed the movies that Sandler played in! That is the biggest issue of the movie. This still continues the same rotten jokes from Kevin James's And Adam Sandler's Movies! If you like Jack And Jill or their others movies you will like this because it is the same movie with this good concept that could be a really enjoyable movie. I am not saying it could be a 'Shawshank Redemption' or a 'The Godfather' but it could be a fun flick.

Even though almost everything about this movie is bad, what is that casting?! Am I supposed enjoy Josh Gad shouting through the whole movie ? Or Kevin James just acting like a braindead as the president of America? Dinklage was good though, really. Also this is a minor con but the pacing was bad,I just did not like it for a movie like this. Not much to say, not the worst part, I just did not like it.

And the jokes! Look is this movie not for... grown-ups? I mean the movie is about old game characters invading the world and you should be old enough to play these games to pretty much enjoy the movie! But they don't.... this movie's sense of humor is screaming, weird name pronunciations and lots of fart and pee jokes. And I do not know any adult really enjoying that. Is this movie for teens, kids or adults? In the end this movie was a total disappointment and a total disaster. Do not watch it. (1.6/10)


+Peter Dinklage

-Acting And Casting

-The Painfully Unfunny Jokes

-Uninspired Story


Reviewed by nicknic 7 / 10

Highly underrated

A fun movie, with bright actors. Entertaining and authentic. Worth surely the view

Reviewed by robertemerald 8 / 10

Innocent special effects romp is highly enjoyable

I guess the the way to describe this movie is Ghostbusters lit up in neon. Please see it just for the cgi, it's awesome. If you have the dvd look for the short on how they created one of the cute characters. The comedy is snappy, almost witty, and yet nothing new, but it works. You'll smile rather than laugh out loud. The story is absurd, which is exactly what we pay Hollywood for, and with this one they've outdone themselves. There's a classic chase. There's a great cameo appearance. There's a cleverly worded love affair. There's a great homage to nerds of the 1980s and overall, I thought, a really whacky satire of big budget invasion movies. It's just such fun.

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