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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 68%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
IMDb Rating 7.3 10 166338

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paid in full 8 / 10


This movie is solid. The actors, especially Deniro, Reno, Natasha and Sean all play their role to perfection. A well written action movie in France. You will have to pay close attention to the dialogue and its subtext to fully understand the movie. Of course it is not perfect and yet I have watched it several times.

Reviewed by Richie-67-485852 10 / 10

You Want Action?

What a superb film and when I first saw it, I stumbled on it instead of knowing about it. That's unusual as I keep abreast. If this was given the wide release it deserved, many would benefit from this quality entertainment. You have an excellent story that just refreshes itself as it is being told. Then, good direction that emphasizes all the right moves. Furthermore, quality actors on the top of their game and lastly, suspense, thrills, action and a satisfying conclusion. That's what entertainment is all about. We get to glimpse the world of espionage, crime and human nature all set at a fast pace that never challenges the attention span but instead feeds it steadily. Its like playing with a toy and never tiring from it. This movie meets one of my pet requirements that makes it outstanding i.e. it has memorable scenes making it a must see over and over. Definitely one for the DVD collection to be sure. When glimpsing this world of spy vs spy with strong criminal undertones, we get to see how everyone has the same tools, abilities and opportunities to do what they have to do. However, when pitted against your like kind, it is sort of an Olympics of a sort where only the best get the gold medal and there is no silver or bronze. This is high stakes, no second chances or do-over living acted out on the screen. It makes you wonder just who will prevail and why? Good movie to snack with and of course have a tasty drink to keep the palette moist. There are some really well-done twists here and there making one not want to look-away or risk having missed the point that they make. Just focus on this movie for its entire run. No cell phones, texting or bathroom breaks. Just snack and watch! Then breath-in. If you happen to purchase this, look forward to the alternate ending

Reviewed by Mark Turner 9 / 10

A Thriller With Depth

In the early 2000s a string of horror films were made in Japan that has been referred to as "J-horror". These films were huge hits there and made their way to the US where fans were fascinated with them. So much so that Hollywood took notice and began remaking them left and right. Probably most famous of these are THE RING and THE GRUDGE. Another early entry was PULSE starring Kristen Bell but it wasn't as well received. Now Arrow Video has released a great version of the original film on blu-ray for fans to enjoy.

The story involves two separate groups of friends experiencing paranormal encounters that are leaving a mark on them, some literally. The first group works together in a business that supplies plants to buyers. When their tech guy fails to show for work or answer his phone, they check up on him. While there, he walks into another room and hangs himself. Gruesome enough but then they begin to look at a disc he left behind which shows ghostly images from his apartment. A return visit has them exposed to his ghost as well.

The second story involves a college student who finds something odd going on as well. When he asks a professor to help, they too discover ghostly images online. These images have an effect on some that view them and they begin to disappear. As someone hypothesizes what happens to souls when they leave here? Do they go to another dimension? And then the question is raised what happens when, after the millions that have died over time, that dimension begins to fill up? Do they try and make their way back? Eventually the two stories intersect with the leads of both uniting to try and discover the answer to these questions. It is their journey and what they discover that makes the film more chilling than you would expect.

Some will be turned off to the way this story unfolds. The back and forth between tales, the dismal look of the entire landscape and the somber tone that it emits start to finish. This is not an in your face or jump start scare style film. It is one that creeps into you, crawls under your skin and makes you look over your shoulder even though you know nothing is there. It takes the ghost story we've become acquainted with and melds it with the world of computers, even if these computers look cumbersome since the movie was made in 2001. The pace is slow as the horror unfolds before your eyes. This makes for a movie that deserves attention.

Arrow Video, as always, presents this in the best form possible with a hi def 1080p transfer. The extras include a new interview with writer/director Kiyoshi Kurosawa, a new interview with cinematographer Junichiro Hayashi, THE HORROR OF ISOLATION a new video appreciation featuring Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett, an archive making of documentary, premiere footage from the Cannes Film Festival, cast and crew introductions from the opening day screenings in Tokyo, trailers and TV spots and a reversible sleeve with newly commissioned artwork.

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