Silent Retreat


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.1 10 709

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by GL84 7 / 10

Fun if slightly flawed creature feature

Sent to a retreat in the woods, a troubled woman is sent to a retreat in the middle of the woods where she finds the owners are secretly brainwashing women into being obedient wives and feeding the rejects to a deranged creature nearby and tries to get away alive.

This one was quite an intriguing if really flawed creature feature. Among the better qualities here is the way this one builds up the really intriguing premise of the retreat out in the middle of the woods run by the sinister family that enforces a strict series of rules on them for their beneficial behavior. It's rather interesting how it manages to build this in the first half as there's the rules in play that simply make no sense yet creates an atmosphere here where it's all about ensuring the supposedly-perfect spawning ground for their secret agenda which is one of the more dark and sinister motives here for covering up their tracks, yet still manages to create the kind of fun here wallowing in this chilling atmosphere with the silence, refusal to acknowledge anyone and the general state of forced serenity created makes this a quite chilling set-up. Once it gets to the later half and there's the fun of the creature thrown into the mix that not only makes for a solid storyline addition as well as helping to aid in his mission this one does become a lot more fun with the additional body-count added to the creepiness displayed by the set-up as the first encounter out in the woods rescuing her friend leads to the action-packed massacre of the girls in the cabin as well as the aftermath of cleaning up after it which makes for some even better fun throughout here. As well, that leaves the ending confrontation quite thrilling as well with plenty of fine encounters that are rather bloody and really kick this one up somewhat. These here are what hold this one up over it's few minor flaws present. The main feature holding this one back is the utterly bland and boring beginning half which is quite low on action as it just tends to focus on the setup of the secret cult or her trying to adapt to the rules of the place which are just utterly bland and really keep the film pretty slow-going in this part of the film and keep the creature off-screen during this time. While that occurs, it's also quite a relief since the creature here is a complete joke with many really bad flaws about it, namely the awful look of the thing which is clearly hampered by it's low-budget nature but also the just weak design as well since it looks really lame and has a weak prosthetic look that doesn't help it much even if that wasn't the case. These here really hold this one back.

Rated R: Graphic Violence and Language.

Reviewed by Danny Mozz Monserrate (theshockchamber) 7 / 10

Why are we being so quiet?

There's a girl running through the woods, panicked, beaten, with a leash around her neck, and begging for forgiveness. We hear growls, and the louder they get, the more panic overcomes this girl. Something unseen creeps up on her, and violence ensues. Death becomes her.....

This is a story about a young lady named Janey, a girl with a painful past, who was sentenced to a month at a retreat for behavioral modification. Upon arrival at the camp she meets Dr. Prince. He immediately comes across as a prick as he explains her the rules: NO TALKING, NO HAND GESTURES, NO PHONES, NO EYE CONTACT. NO MORE THAN 5 GIRLS CAN BE UNDER THEIR CARE AT A TIME. We already know from the opening that something more awaits the girls in the darkness of the woods surrounding camp, but what role does the Dr play, with the help of his only employees, his 2 sons Albert and Paul? She is settled in and her "treatment" begins.

As the girls begin to rebel, with Janey's influence, we meet Alexis. Together, Alexis and Janey are determined to get down to the root of the real purpose for the camp. As they begin snooping and spying, and some vomit inducing trickery, we soon find out the real Purpose of the camp. It's not to reform bad girls. It's not to teach them any skills, so don't expect to see any of the girls earning their badge for wicker weaving either. There's a deeper, darker bit of mind fuckery going on here.

What is this fuckery I speak of? I'm glad you asked. Come to find out, the judge that sentenced the girls to the camp is the brother of Dr Prince. They have this bible thumping fanatical idea of how women should carry themselves. It is their life's goal to break these girls down, through intense and drug induced brainwashing, turning into voiceless, weak, perfectly obedient wives, and the ones that fail the treatment test are sacrificed to what lurks in the woods. The ones to succeed will be their brides, only none thus far have been able to be completely broken down, and ultimately become dinner to the thing hiding in the woods.

Will Janey, Alexis, and the other 3 girls overcome the Prince family's tactics, and escape their horrible fate? Will they escape the thing in the woods that lurks around the camp borders? You will have to watch and find out. There were some slow moments in the film but it makes up with a twisted tale and a nice amount of guts and gore leading into the films climax. I enjoyed watching Silent Retreat, and I think many of you may too.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 / 10

intriguing idea needs more work

Janey Andrews lost her family in a crash. She's alone in the world. A judge sends her to a meditation retreat for assault despite her plea of self-defense. The all-female retreat is in the middle of the woods run a doctor and his two sons. The women are forbidden to speak or even make eye contact. Janey tries to escape but she's captured by one of the sons although he seems to be afraid of something in the woods.

It's a watchable Canadian indie horror. It starts off with a creepy notion of these women being controlled by this weird doctor. It could have gone down many different paths. It tries to do something with sound. At least, it's unusual. It does need to decide whether the creature is attracted by sound or is hurt by it. It may make more sense for everybody to be quiet including the men. It may be even better if the doctor's introduction is done in a sound-proof room. The sound idea has issues that needs to be addressed. As for the creature itself, it is not the best although I'm sure the low budget restricted the movie. The main problem is the way the creature moves and the way it is filmed. It isn't scary. The blood looks too red especially in the dark. This horror has an intriguing premise and it needs more work to hash it out.

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