Sister Street Fighter: Hanging by a Thread


Action / Crime

IMDb Rating 6.6 10 286

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ckormos1 6 / 10

Follows the formula

It starts when our girl takes pause from eating her apple to interfere in a gang killing. The guy she saves dies anyway. He was a police officer who gave her evidence. It all leads to diamond smugglers and other stuff so she is off on her mission.

From the start the bad guys are trying to kill her. Nothing is realistic about that goal. All of the attacks against her are showcased as demonstrations of various martial styles. The fights are even labeled by style. Nevertheless, all the styles look the same. Many weapons are also used. There is also the expected acrobatics and trampoline stunts.

Our girl, Etsuko Shihomi, as Koryu, fights without Sonny Chiba's help in this movie. Kurata does have a big fight scene though.

Overall, the movie follows the formula of taking the first movie and doing the same things a bit bigger and better. I rate it a tad above average for the year and genre.

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 8 / 10

The Sister Street Fighter Series:Part 2:Hanging by a Thread.

For the Japanese Challenge on ICM,I decided that I would open up some of the Blu-Ray sets by UK company Arrow. Having found the first one (also reviewed) to be a knock-out, I decided to reunite with the Street Fighter.

View on the film:

Keeping the swords shiny, Arrow present another winning transfer, with the picture being crisp, (and not blurring during any of the active camera moves) and the clang from the swords on the soundtrack being kept clean.

Stepping forward for a second round,Etsuko Shihomi gives a spellbinding turn as Koryu, whose fighting moves Shihomi again performs with a graceful passion,this time welded by Shihomi to Koryu's raw emotions to get revenge. Proving that diamonds are forever, Hideo Murota steals the movie as boo-hiss baddie Osone, thanks to Murota bringing out a gleefully sadistic, cackling harshness in Osone.

Made just a few months after the first SST, returning writer Masahiro Kakefuda is joined by Norifumi Suzuki in taking the outline of SST 1,and twisting it in a new off the wall direction. Returning to smugglers being the villains,the writers joyfully present them in a dastardly, pulp manner, slicing into the world of Grindhouse when the smugglers surgically implant their diamonds into the buttocks of Hong Kong prostitutes who are then sent to Hong Kong. Jumping back into another round, the writers drive Koryu's force in taking down the gang with a wicked personal touch of her sister being involved with them.

Joining Kakefuda and Shihomi in this reunion, director Kazuhiko Yamaguchi & cinematographer Yoshio Nakajima take their frantic karate chops of SS1,and dice them with a blazing atmosphere that crosses over into the Pinky Violence genre. Backed by Shunsuke Kikuchi's terrific twang score, Yamaguchi twirls a gloriously excessive sleazy atmosphere, springing from naked fitties, slick whip-pans on every bloody finishing move, a dip into tasty Lucio fulci-style eye gouging,all loaded in bubbling brash vibrant colours oozing 70's Grindhouse fumes, ultra-stylised zoom-ins and wah-wah freeze frames catching Sister Street Fighter hanging by a thread.

Reviewed by kluseba 8 / 10

Funky adventure with sinister antagonists

Sister Street Fighter: Hanging by a Thread is the second film in the martial arts franchise about the empathic, resilient and tough lead character Li Koryu. This time around, the movie doesn't feature actresses or actors from the Street Fighter franchise that helped kickstart this spinoff series that would turn out being as great or even slightly better than the original series. This entry is the franchise's emancipation and easily proves that versatile actress Etsuko Shihomi can stand her ground all alone.

The story isn't a far call from the first entry but neither this franchise nor Sonny Chiba's Street Fighter films stood for particularly creative plots. Li Koryu is asked to find a former classmate who got kidnapped and is forced to be the mistress of the boss of diamond smugglers who surgically implant the precious stones into the buttocks of Chinese prostitutes. To make matters worse, Li Koryu's own sister is linked to the criminals and forced to betray her sister. Li Koryu however gets assisted by a mysterious stranger who is initially hired as a hitman tasked to kill her but has his own hidden agenda.

The film is on par with its solid predecessor. The story is entertaining, fast-paced and quirky. The fight scenes involve more hand-held camera sections which adds a new touch to the series. The characters are eccentric, memorable and unique. The locations are fascinating as fight scenes take place on a rolling train, in an abandoned stadium and even on logs on the water. It's the most brutal movie in the franchise that involves some graphic scenes that conveniently spice things up from time to time. The funky soundtrack underlines the film's dynamic touch at the pulse of the wild seventies.

This movie is entertaining from start to finish and will appeal to anyone who likes contemporary martial arts films or quirky action thrillers from the seventies. The movie has aged rather well thanks to its charismatic protagonist and modern camera techniques. It's one of the few examples when the sequel is as great as its predecessor.

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