Spare Parts


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 55%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 82%
IMDb Rating 7.3 10 9973

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Jamie Lee Curtis as Ms. Karen Lowry
Alexa PenaVega as Karla
Marisa Tomei as Gwen Kolinsky
Carlos PenaVega as Oscar Vazquez
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kz917-1 8 / 10

Mr Roboto Approves!

Fantastic family friendly movie about perseverance and heart. Based on a true story about immigrant high school kids that form a robotics club in an attempt to get a leg up on their next journey in life. They face many obstacles: family, money, no papers, bad attitudes; but they have heart, will, & determination in spades! Lovely movie worth a rental. Fun for the whole family.

Reviewed by eauque 10 / 10


I stumbled upon this movie. I am a big fan of anything science or engineering related. I am pleased to have found this. The story is a bit trite but has enough twists and turns to keep my attention. Generally, I watch part of a move and then watch the remainder later. This is one of the rare times I watched the whole thing without a break. I would suggest that you do not do any research before watching. There is a very big surprise at the end.

Reviewed by jb_campo 7 / 10

Standard feel good story

Spare Parts closely mimics Disney's McFarland. A group of high school kids get tutored by an outsider who comes into their community. They exceed expectations, compete against a rich, white community, and overachieve with no budget or support. McFarland used running, while Spare Parts used science. They even had the same scene where the kids go to California, never saw an ocean, and go jumping around in it. Plus the star gets a non-immigrant girlfriend.

Despite this obvious borrowing of plot, the story succeeds because of the strong acting from George Lopez as the teacher, Marisa Tomei as a counselor, and Jamie Lee Curtis as the hilarious principal.

The bottom line is again that these kids have no shot at success. They have no papers, illegals. But somehow they get inspired to try to make something from basically nothing. They are smart, and tough, but they need a chance.

The movie states that it is based on a true story, and the end credits show real pictures of the real people, like is done in so many based-on-true-story movies.

I liked Spare Parts, but I think McFarland was better, perhaps because of Kevin Costner's role having more body to it, vs George Lopez, whose character never got fully developed enough to make you feel more for him. At any rate, for a feel good movie, Spare Parts will give you good feelings, so I recommend it. Enjoy.

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