The Best of Me


Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 11%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 59%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 63035

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Luke Bracey as Younger Dawson
James Marsden as Dawson
Liana Liberato as Young Amanda
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by drpage-pagewizardgames 6 / 10

Very manipulative movie, has some inconsistencies, I liked the actors

I watched this movie with my girlfriend and we were able to sit through it and enjoy the movie for what it was, but after we finished watching we just burst out in discussion about a lot of missed opportunities and strange inconsistencies in the film. The first thing that will grab your attention is one scene where they are talking while he tinkers with her car but puts his physics book down in the hood. You never see him remove it, so your mind races to think "hey maybe she'll give it to him later", but nope, never happens. On another note, it doesn't make sense to show one character to be drinking and about to drive, then in the very next scene have them go to the hospital due to an crash (drink and drive) that isn't that character, it's confusing.

The movie takes a misleading turn towards the end like they ripped your heart out, and showed it to you while they drank the blood with a straw. The ending was sad, but one thing at the end really left me disappointed as it was going for a good ending (and it tugs you towards this constantly), but no it slams your hand in the door on the way in.

I really enjoyed the performances of Tuck, the younger Dawson, and young Amanda. I really liked the way they went between time periods to unravel the story, but just it really derailed once they stopped doing that, and threw a curve ball right at your hip. I'd recommend it for the good bits, but I warn you that the inconsistent bits and the ending may feel very manipulative.

Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer 5 / 10

Two movies for the price of one

... which may not necessarily be a good thing.

Oddly, you divide the two almost at the midway point, that is, the one hour mark.

The first movie is a really sweet love story about lost love. It features a lot of flashbacks but luckily the actors playing the flashbacks and the actors playing 'real time' are all very competent, do a great job,the script works well, and the audience has a fun ride.

If the first hour were a movie on its own, I would give it a very strong rating.

However almost at the turn of the second hour (two hours BTW is much too long for this story) the connection between audience and viewer (this important factor discussed in many of my IMDb reviews) starts to fade as many story complications set in. And the script becomes lost in the various arcs.

I will not go into the complications but let me say that by the "climax" of the last Act the viewer may wonder if he/she dozed off and woke up in front of the TV watching an episode of JUSTIFIED. Enough said.

If the second hour were a movie on its own, I would give it a very low rating.

As an entire movie as it now stands, this film can be a rough ride for the viewer, and that is not a good thing.


* always happy to see Michelle Monaghan, an actress under-used these days. Real star quality.

* Liana Liberato has a nice career ahead and better still actually looks like a young Michelle Monaghan, which is more than I can say of the casting choices for the male leads

* here is a tip for casting directors. FACIAL RECOGNITION SOFTWARE. Help you avoid the problem of casting two actors playing the same role (one in flashback) WHO LOOK NOTHING AT ALL LIKE EACH OTHER

Reviewed by Mike Boyd 2 / 10

Was This Really A Nicholas Sparks Story?

Was this really a Nicholas Sparks story? If so, I can only blame the people involved in making it into a film for doing such a bad job. What are they called - the "adaptation" people?

Anyway, at least 30 minutes before the end I knew what was going toi happen. It was that obvious. I kept asking "When are the bad guys going toi show up and ruin all this happy stuff?" And then we find her bot needs a new heart. Well, it's obivous whose heart it's gonig to be!

And sure as sh**, up come the bad baoys shoving his truck into the train. Yeah, so he's going to die in a train wrech and his heart will go to the boy! Easy peasy.

Oh, but wait. There's a twist in thtail. He doesn't get shoved into the train. Whoo-dee-doo. So it's gongi to be a happy anding after all! Oh, what a relief!

But wait! No! Another of the bad guys shoots him and he dies anyway. OK, veru vclever, we all thought it was going to be OK , but it wasn't. Aren't you dcript writers so damn clever.

PS. sinvce when do heart donors become availbe within hours of someone neeing a new heart? THAT didn't pass the smalell tesat. PPS. So when she gets the phone sAll that Dawson is dead, how come she didn't realise it was HIS heart that ws available. I guess because the scritpwriters can add yet another where the boy tells his mum who the donor was.

Oh dear, such a contrived storyline.

Next time, Mr Sparks, pleaase make sure you get approval rights for the sdcreen adaptation. Hopefully you'll prevent you next story being converted into an abomination like this was.

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