The Dark Half


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 56%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
IMDb Rating 6 10 15161

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Michael Rooker as Sheriff Alan Pangborn
Amy Madigan as Liz Beaumont
Timothy Hutton as Thad Beaumont / George Stark
Chelsea Field as Annie Pangborn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rainey Dawn 8 / 10

Not A Bad Adaptation

I have not read the book - but the adaptation film is pretty darn good. It's a bizarre story, some great imagery, and good acting.

Thad Beaumont had twin brother that was never born, in fact the brother literally lived within his brain. As a child, the twin was developing inside his brain and Thad had to have brain surgery - the doctor calling it a brain tumor. Thad became a husband, father and a writer. As a writer, he created a pseudonym of George Stark to write under. Stark gave rise to a best selling pulp crime spree of novels but Thad decided to "kill off" Stark and write under his own name - a different set of novels. The problem is, Stark becomes real and murders as written in the George Stark novels. The police think that Thad is doing the killings but only one policeman helps to keep Thad out of jail... yet he wonders if Thad is doing the killings and not George Stark come to life.

Enjoyable watch, really gets interesting.


Reviewed by Richard Dominguez 7 / 10

Well Done Spooky

I Was Afraid This Was Going To Be Too Much Like "Secret Window" (Johnny Depp) And While It Is Easy To See How One May Have Drawn On The Other For Inspiration, These Two Movies Are As Different As Night And Day ... Timothy Hutton Is Excellent And Pulls It Off With No Issues At All ... Amy Madigan Gives An Excellent Performances As The "Stand By Her Man" Wife ... Michael Rooker Comes Together Well As The Sheriff Investigating A Series Of Horrific Murders ... Horror From Stephen King Means A Script That Works Well All The Way Around ... The Last Time I Saw Timothy In Something I Liked As Much As This Was The 1981 "Taps" ... The Dark Half Is An Excellent Ride Down Spooky Lane From Beginning To End ... My IMDb Rating 7 Out Of 10

Reviewed by classicsoncall 7 / 10

"Start another book, Boy. Go home and sharpen your pencils."

There was more than once while watching the film that I thought Alfred Hitchcock could have used George Romero when he was filming "The Birds". With at least a half dozen scenes of sparrows massing in the sky or threatening the Beaumont home, they appeared a lot more threatening than Hitchcock's birds. But that was an earlier time and George Romero was just getting started in the Sixties and wouldn't have been a name to contend with yet.

One thing that bothered me about this story was the premise set for the existence of George Stark, the evil alter-ego identity of Thad Beaumont (Timothy Hutton). The foreign tissue removed from the young Thad was described as an 'absorbed fetus', formed of a rare tumor manifesting a tooth and other grisly organic remains. Then later, Thad's university friend Reggie proclaims George a conjuration, created by the force of Thad's will. I haven't read the King novel, so it seems to me the film's story line was going in too many different directions with these arguments. Personally, going with just the latter idea would have worked well enough for me.

Fred Clawson's blackmail scheme didn't hold much water with me either. Obviously Beaumont's publisher knew he was using a pseudonym, and to my thinking, what was the big deal anyway? Stephen King uses at least a couple I'm aware of - Richard Bachman and Peter Straub - and it never hurt his career. So that was a little muddled in the execution too.

But you know what, the evil guise of George Stark was really cool, wasn't it? Looking like a deranged Elvis impersonator, I thought Hutton's transformation into the warped madman was pretty impressive. I had to wonder though about the Mississippi plates on his Toronado, where did that idea come from? Tennessee (Graceland) would have made more sense and I wouldn't even have questioned it. Oh, well.

Anyway, old George came to a ghastly finale there at the end of the picture, but even then I had to contain a chuckle among all the gruesome imagery. For the very first time ever I saw it dramatically illustrated what it means to be a pencil necked geek.

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