The Factory


Action / Crime / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 42%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 10278

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Mae Whitman as Abby
John Cusack as Mike
Ksenia Solo as Emma
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lathe-of-heaven 6 / 10

Overall quality and Cusack's performance are good, BUT... Blu-ray: Very Good A:9 V:9

This film has quite polarized reviews from suspicious 10 star glowing reviews to 1 star reviews of 'Most Horrible Movie Ever' and other similar variations.

Okay... I really had to think about how I would rate this one because MANY times I read horrible reviews of films that are made very well, but the 'reviewer' just didn't like it so obviously it's just crap. I honestly thought that technically and quality and acting wise that the film was made very well; the pacing and editing, etc. were indeed quite gripping and intense. The overall premise was mildly intriguing because as you went along you were genuinely curious as to WHY this guy was doing this. And of course as ALWAYS Cusack's performance was good (although, quite honestly he DID look like he was kinda sleepwalking through most of it)

Now, as far as the 'Ending'... Well... Firstly it DID catch me totally by surprise; I was actually sitting here saying 'NO WAY!' out loud. But, that is a double edged sword because it was so incredible that many here found it almost ridiculous. I wouldn't put it that strongly but I personally think it could have been worked a little better than just kind of attached onto the end of an otherwise competent film; and then the continuing scenes after that also not really quite matching the quality of the rest of the movie.

So, again, is it well made? Yes. Thus my somewhat generous rating of 6. If a film is put together well (except for perhaps the last 10 minutes) I think that that should be acknowledged so that others reading reviews and trying to decide whether they should bother to see it will know that. It is really great? Well, no... But, if you can take the ending with a teaspoon or two of salt and just enjoy the intensity, pacing, and entertainment value of the majority of the movie, then you might like it.

Reviewed by shonevolinekog 10 / 10

Bad grammar of review

The first thing that I must say is that many reviewers probably do not understand what kind of audience these films are watching. They think that everyone understands the point of the film, but the point is that not all viewers have over-knowledge of cinema.

Therefore, by this way, I want to say, everyone who is undecided, you have to watch the film, because of the very unusual and unexpected plot-twist of the story.

My rating is 10/10

And I want to apologize for my poor knowledge of English/

Reviewed by ackid-29742 7 / 10

The Plot Twist......................

Was cool and should have ended on a happy note. Very disappointing last 10 minutes. From beginning 00:01-93:59, the movie served its purpose. From decent acting, typical "straight to DVD" story-line, the whole 9 yards. Little tough trying to watch Jen Carpenter, without her "Dexter's sis" Truck driver potty mouth.

If the movie ended 5 minutes earlier, I think the reviews would have been much better. The plot twist was a nice ending, just could have ended sooner.

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