The Keeper


Biography / Drama / Romance / Sport / War

IMDb Rating 7.2 10 2344

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Harry Melling as Sergeant Smythe
Julian Sands as Tilson
Michael Socha as Bill Twist
Gary Lewis as Jock Thompson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jimthellama 9 / 10

Should be better publicised

One of the most enjoyable films of the year, whether or not you like football. Really good story, solidly told. Yet another film not getting the publicity or wide release it deserves.

Reviewed by BigCinnamon 7 / 10

A Story Worth Being Told

Quite often in sports biopics, the story far super cedes their sporting achievements. This couldn't be any more true in the case of Bert Trautmann as his fascinating story gets told here; becoming a hero to many Englishman not so long after fighting to kill them.

What this film succeeds in is balancing when the right time for poignancy is and when to include some levity. What lets it down is the pacing. There were a few times where I felt the wrong moments were being drawn out, where more important and interesting moments were being rushed through too quickly.

You don't need to be a football fan to enjoy it, it's a human interest story above all else.

Reviewed by mike_lowe_1 10 / 10


A truly heartwarming story of reconciliation and the human condition. I watched this film in the Cinema in St. Helens. A town that is close to my heart and that features in Bert Trautmann's story before his time playing for Manchester City.

This movie is about so much more than football. I'm largely disinterested in the beautiful game but even I was bowled over by the brilliant humour and heartwarming story of redemption and reconciliation.

Watch this movie, tell your friends about it and talk about it. It deserves to be seen both on its own merit and as one of the few films to represent working class northerners in a human light, displaying their unique sense of humour and kindness as well as dealing with the emotional fallout of war in a mature way.

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