The Skulls


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 9%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 43%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 30201

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Malin Akerman as Coed in Caleb's Apartment
Leslie Bibb as Chloe
Paul Walker as Caleb Mandrake
Joshua Jackson as Luke McNamara
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jay_hovah703 10 / 10

There are no spoilers, this movie spoils itself

It's clear, just from my 10/10 review of this movie I have terrible taste. But I mean it. Please read my other reviews and don't trust a word. Seriously, this movie is a quintessential bad 90's movie. And I love it.

Suspend your reality for 2 hours and watch this movie. Joshua Jackson as THE athletic star of THE crew team at an Ivy League school (unnamed, but I think winking and nodding with the jerseys with Y on it say it all). I've never seen such a scrawny crew member in my life. Paul Walker as an IVY LEAGUE student. SUSPEND REALITY. It's worth it. Paul Walker is one of my favorite actors of all time because he cannot silent the surfer boy inside himself.

These two men, coupled with fraternity bro dialog, it has everything. Remember, skulls are forever. Skulls are soul mates. We are watching you all the time. You get 20g's and a car. An implied racially charged storyline. Did you know, that if you really wanted to find out who was a skull, you JUST have to take off their watch.

I spent the last 2 hours giggling like a little school girl and I couldn't be happier. There is nothing real about this movie but I don't think that's the point. Twelve years after its release, its laughable at best, but it will put a smile on your face the whole time.

Reviewed by FlickJunkie-2 6 / 10

Interesting premise, poor presentation

Though it poses a good moral dilemma, `Skulls' is presented in such an implausible way as to render it crippled at birth. Luke McNamara is a small town boy of modest means attending an Ivy League institution that is never really named but is obviously Yale. He is hoping to be called for membership into the Skulls, a secret society of great status and power. Members of this society have the doors of power, wealth and influence thrown wide to them. This is a dream come true for Luke, who spends much of his time fretting over the hundreds of thousands in student loans he is incurring. When he discovers that one of the members has committed a felony, he is torn between his desire for wealth, his loyalty to a friend, and his conscience.

Writer John Pogue (`U.S. Marshals') has conjured up a good moralistic tale, but it is so full of ridiculous premises that it becomes laughable. This is supposed to be a secret society where other than the members themselves, no one knows who the members are. Yet, Pogue and director Rob Cohen present it in such a way that they may as well be advertising their identities on TV. The building where the secret meetings take place is prominently marked with a Skull, and only members have keys to the building. So, Duh, anyone seen entering the building must be a Skull. New members get brand new $50,000 automobiles and $100,000 in cash, as if no one will notice this sudden burst of good fortune. The new members are branded on their wrist and we are supposed to believe that they will never be seen by anyone without their wristwatch on. The list of inconceivability goes on ad nauseam.

The acting is generally quite good. Joshua Jackson (`Cruel Intentions', `Urban Legend') is excellent as Luke. He plays the part with just the right combination of idealistic zeal and moral grounding. He gets great support from Paul Walker (`She's All That', `Varsity Blues') as Caleb Mandrake, the spoiled rich kid trying to step out of his father's shadow. Craig T. Nelson gives a wonderfully nefarious performance as the chairman of the Skulls and Caleb's father.

Maybe secret societies exist, and maybe they don't. The fact that no one is sure indicates that if they are more than mere myths, they are a lot more secret than depicted here. I rated this film a 6/10. It is an interesting idea that loses credibility in the telling.

Reviewed by MissCzarChasm 8 / 10

People judge this film too much

The Skulls is not art. In fact it's pretty bad but some films are just made to entertain. I'm a firm believer of that. When people complain about this films plot, acting, etc, i just go come on guys give it a break. The movie does what it was made for. it entertains its core audience. Teenagers. I'm a teen and i enjoyed it for what it was even if it wasn't the greatest film ever made.

The plot is intriguing but a little unrealistic. Luke Macnamara wnats desperately to be apart of a secret society known as the skulls. But he soon realizes that being in this society comes at a price.

The plot begins with some intrigue but falls short after awhile and that's when you realize that this film is just there to entertain and yo shold just sit back and enjoy the ride. The acting is actually pretty good. joshua jackson is a telented actor and i bet if he got a better script he could go places. Leslie Bibb is the best because she displays the most emotion. She's very good. Paul walker is the weak link. he needs acting lessons.

so guys don't go into this movie looking for a great script or anything like that. just be prepared to be entertained. i most certainly was.

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