The Tribes of Palos Verdes



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 64%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 58%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 2006

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Jennifer Garner as Sandy Mason
Maika Monroe as Medina Mason
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by erinlorijackson 7 / 10

Heartbreaking , but real

The movie in my opinion was good. The cast was very good. I'm wondering if this is the movie that made Ryan Murphy decide to cast actor Cody Fern in American Crime Story: Versace. It probably is. I liked the bond between siblings in this movie. I also liked how it depicted a family living in what is supposed to be the Valhalla of Suburban life and how truly fractured that family was. The mother who was played by Jennifer Garner was a mess and depended on her son to ease her pain. The father selfishly decided to start a new family and leave his children behind with their broken mother. Medina was more equipped to handle this , but Jim fell apart. His downward spiral was so sad. That ending was heartbreaking, but that's how things are nowadays. I appreciated the movie for that.

Reviewed by sumiallen 8 / 10

Not a feel good movie but one worth watching.

I normally don't watch movies. Actually I rarely ever watch movies. But it was on cable and I didn't feel like being bothered with the other hyped up marketed acts last night so I sat through this. And the summary of the movie was not accurate. The ratings are a joke here. First, this is one of the better screenwriting. Two, Jennifer Garner CAN act. Three, direction was excellent. This isn't a feel good movie. This movie is true to life. If not Palos Verdes, then anywhere in Southern California. Life is not a feel good movie, and unfortunately it's really this ugly for anyone who is the unwilling trapped victim of a narcissist. In this case, it's the all too common children of divorce. The reason why I don't like the summary "coming of age" is because it really isn't. How do they come of age? These kids didn't get any sort of enlightenment or accomplishment. They're the protagonists that you will empathize with. IF this movie had a hero, it would be a true blue canine family member. But these kids were not so lucky. Many people can relate to this family regardless of who and what you are- and what your circumstances are. And it's actually a good idea to watch something like this to put it in perspective. I found the drama a little intense. I wish there was more better energy and sense of humor- but unfortunately, It's true to life.

Reviewed by michelelewis88 8 / 10

Great acting, realistic and sad movie

I wasn't sure what to expect when I rented this movie. Didn't even hear about it at the movies and I dont have tv for commercial previews. I just know watching this young girl's family deteriorate before your eyes was so heartbreaking. The mom (Jennifer garner) has no clue as to how her emotionally erratic behavior is pushing everyone she loves away. To the point her surgeon husband wants to leave her for someone else. The only outlet the kids have to deal with the emotional drama is surfing and alcohol and drugs. Well, the latter for the son. He's the new head of the household the mom keeps screamingly reminding him. Crazy pressure on a teen, no wonder he sought out drugs and alcohol to numb the pain and what was going on, eventually leading to his ultimate demise. The parents were clueless on how their screaming and fighting and infidelity was affecting their own kids. They were truly unsatisfied family. It was heartbreaking to watch. Makes me take notice of my own 14 year old .... Good but heartbreaking movie.

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