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Lucy Hale as Zoe Bell
Wilmer Valderrama as Thurman Sanchez
Betty White as Sarah Vanderwhoozie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aminekh1 7 / 10

Don't be fooled

Simple story line, straight forward emotions and a sneaky musical style make this a hit with my 7 year old! The rest doesn't matter really as long as the children enjoyed. And this is how u I have this film 7 stars.

Reviewed by anna_regenboog 5 / 10

It's okay

Straightforward simplistic story with the standard (dog movie) flow. Sometimes funny. Sometimes forced funny. The movie could have been shorter. And I personally thought the dance of the squirrels was awkward because it made me think of Michael Jackson... while watching a movie for children... But all in all okay. I think most children will enjoy it.

Reviewed by quapsel 5 / 10

Kid liked it

It is a movie about a rich lady that offers her inheritance to the nephew who also needs to take care of her beloved dog. The dog gets lost and has to adapt to the real street life in search for home. He is aided by a female dog and a poor young girl.

The kid liked it, but she can't remember any wow moments or funny thing.

I disliked every character encountered. The plot of the movie is normal for a kids movies, but most ideas just don't seem to fit.

Visually,some of the things of the movie i really like. Good angles and movement.

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