Unfinished Business


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 10%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 26%
IMDb Rating 5.4 10 30654

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Sienna Miller as Chuck Portnoy
James Marsden as Jim Spinch
Dave Franco as Mike Pancake
Vince Vaughn as Dan Trunkman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jwxujerry-580-428462 8 / 10

If you are self-employed, you will love this movie

This movie is superficial. The jokes are marginally funny. There were nude scenes. The plot is somewhat predictable, a story of a underdog who eventually pulled it off with persistency and heart despite numeral setbacks. However, I for one can relate to the characters, a lot. I watched the movie on HBO on a Friday night after a long day of work as a small business owner. On this day, I bid on a project of a client who really likes our work but seldom gives projects because of our small size. Later I was told that another client was not happy with the frequency of our communication - a large company's VPs have meeting with her on a daily basis. With about a million things to take care of everyday, I can't imagine to have time to call her everyday just to chat. If you have struggles as a small business owner, which I am sure each has, you will like this movie because you feel that the main character is part of you. You try so hard for your family and your employees, whose livelihood depend on you. So the movie struck me on a day filled with some success and some setback at the same time, a typical day of my life. Who can't say that's not how life is no matter what you do. So the spirit of the character is contagious, and can struck you deep. The movie appears to be superficial. But when you think about it, and relate it to your life, it is not that superficial. In fact, it provoked some deep emotions.

Reviewed by mpruett-65588 6 / 10

Weirdly Marketed, Not totally unredeemable

If you saw the trailers for this movie like I did and are expecting a non-stop out of control European cocaine and hookers party with the famous motor mouth himself, sadly, that movie does not exist.

However, what does exist is a very light little comedy about some outsiders and weirdos who go to Germany on a business trip. It doesn't have big punchlines and stupid catchphrases and ridiculous orgies. The comedy is character driven, which is smart given that there are a bunch of really good actors in this film. Underneath that lies a very sweetly- natured family dynamic that Vince handles in a realistic and understated way.

It reminds me of Cedar Rapids, in a way, mostly because Hollywood has no idea how to market these low-key character driven comedies. They think people will be bored, and they are right, the Micheal Bay crowd will be bored by this movie and they won't think its funny. But they still haven't figured out that its OK that some people may not like it or think its very funny, every film doesn't have to be Wedding Crashers or Old School, home runs are nice, but so are singles and doubles.

There are problems with this film, the pacing, at times it feels like a student film no one is running, the fact they sandwiched what feels like could have been a pretty believable family movie around this R-rated content, what ever the hell Dave Franco is doing, but somewhere in there is a really good movie, they just couldn't quite make it all work. Then someone decided to market it as Eurotrip 2 with Vince Vaugh and it flopped.

Its probably better than Fred Claus.

Reviewed by gaykathleen 8 / 10

Loyalty and overcoming obstacles

After five or ten minutes my husband said turn it off but I waited. At the end of the movie he was laughing and had enjoyed it very much. The acting was solid and convincing. So, sit back and go with the flow. It is about a man who leaves his job to start his own company albeit quite small. The characters are endearing including his wife and two children and two employees. His younger employee is sweet and simple but shows he can do the job. It is about loyalty to family and the people you work with and having fun. Life has possibilities and obstacles can be overcome. I bordered on giving it a seven but thought it was worth a bit more.

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