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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 27%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 10%
IMDb Rating 2 10 682

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Kayden Kross as Morella
Rachel Alig as Mystery Girl
Caroline Williams as Peasant Woman
Veronica Ricci as Latex Model
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by devonsterling10 1 / 10

Danzig's Directorial Debut is Too Boring to Be So Bad it's Good

I'm a huge Danzig fan. His era of The Misfits is one of my favorite bands of all time. I went to two of their reunion shows: Madison Square Garden and Wells Fargo Center. Glenn is a very talented musician and I was interested in what's to come of his directorial debut based off his series of comics. After all the negative reviews and people comparing it to "The Room", I was hoping for it to be entertainingly bad...and it wasn't even that.

i can't even say it's so bad it's good like the room sure there's unintentionally funny moments but i did not enjoy watching this movie. i was bored and uninterested the entire runtime. by the second story, i nearly fell asleep. the writing is awful, the acting from everyone is atrocious, the CGI used especially in the spider scenes looks like a ps1 game, not even the gorier parts of this movie caught my interest. they were so boring just like this movie. hopefully Glenn improves as a director cause if his next movie is anything like this count me out. when i heard Glenn got directing tips from rob zombie i did get worried. i'm a big rob zombie fan but his movies don't do much for me aside from devil's rejects. the only positive to this movie for me is the soundtrack. i got to hear eyes ripping fire which is a badass song.

in conclusion, verotika is one of the worst horror anthology movies I've sat through. it's poorly written, acted, and is a boring slog to get through. i wanted to like this movie but i was left disappointed. as awful as the room is at least it's memorable. verotika was very forgettable, boring, poorly acted, written, directed and unintentionally hilarious in all the wrong ways.

Reviewed by grey-73357 1 / 10

There are bad movies, and then there's "Verotika."

As a lifelong fan of Danzig's music, I was looking forward to his first time behind the camera, but it becomes pretty evident pretty quickly that the man can write a song, but he can't write or direct a movie. At many intervals, I had the urge to let loose a series of patented Danzig "Whoa's!" to assuage the pain of the nonsense I was seeing unfold before me. I only stuck around for the whole thing to properly review it and to see if there was anything redeeming about it. There wasn't.

This is listed as having a $1 million dollar budget, and I'm still trying to figure out where it all went, because I see none of it reflected on the screen. All of the sets look very, very cheap, like those you'd find in a high school play. The visual fx, which most of the time, should be any horror movie/anthology's bread and butter, are laughably awful. A cg spider that looks like it crawled out of the early 90s, static eyeballs slapped on to a pair of equally horrible with what look like silly putty, and a six armed monster whose crotch seam has broken and the open gape is clearly visible in one scene are just some of the ones that got the loudest laugh from me.

In several interviews, Danzig has spoken of his love for the genre; what he likes, what he's influenced by, and that's what I was hoping to see, but had I not watched those clips, "Verotika" would have led me to believe that he had never seen a movie in his life or had the slightest understanding of the process of how to make one. He has a lot, and I mean A LOT to learn about directing, writing, continuity, lighting, staging, pacing, and editing if he ever wants to make something watchable, let alone enjoyable.

"Verotika" is an amateur bore, not worth the hour and a half of your life that you can't get back. Comparisons to "The Room" are apt as this is equally inept, even more so I feel. It clearly shows Danzig had no one telling him it was a sh.t show as production moved along, but he's got his defenders that will gladly die on the Hill of Danzig, praising everything he does with no discernment while enabling him to continue making terrible things. Hiring Ashley Wisdom to be the lead in the first of the three things he calls stories was a huge mistake. Her fish lips are grotesque and extremely distracting. I guess Glenn didn't want to take the time to find any talented actors or actresses for this. While everyone here does a poor job, she does a REALLY poor job, showing no range, ability, or understanding of the craft of acting.

Yes, I know horror movies by and large are plagued by these very things I'm criticizing, but the great ones always have something memorable in them; something that people take with them even if it's just a cool concept, piece of makeup, character, or character in a mask. This has none of those things, and if I could give it a zero on here, I would.

It's online for free if you know where to look. That's how i saw it, and I still feel ripped off.

Reviewed by umimelectric 1 / 10

Couldn't finish it

The fact that there are a couple 10/10 reviews for this film just proves the problem that IMDb has with shill reviews. If I produced this film, I would at least try and be realistic about it, instead of pretend it's some legendary piece of cinema by giving it a perfect score. Let's be clear here, 10/10 means masterpiece, and while I know there are plenty of legit moviegoers who exaggerate and give movies they like a perfect score every time, it's movies like this one- cheap cinematography, very poor acting, and awful writing that can have their perfect scores explained only by fake reviews generated by somebody close to the film, who has only ever reviewed this one film. I'm not blaming the movie itself- look, Danzig or not, if a person wants to make their own movie, make it as campy or low budget as you please...but let's not pretend like it's good. This film should only be shared with the friends and family of the production team, and not released to the public...even if people find a way to see it for free, our time is priceless.

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