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Action / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by retrovtx 5 / 10

Pros & Cons

Pros: Quirky, unusual, fun, well written, and well acted. Cons: Extremely long (3hrs 15mins), unsatisfying ending.

The first hour is wonderful, unpredictable and fun to watch; it's a shame the makers couldn't carry the momentum through the remaining 2 hours. While the first hour is clearly off-beat comedy, the remaining 2 hours tend to spiral downward into a somewhat depressing mess that you hope will turn around into what made the beginning so enjoyable. But it never does. There are times when movie endings that leave you wondering add to the overall mystery and intrigue of the film, but sadly this one did not. It left me wishing they had cropped one-half of the movie out, and worked harder on wrapping things up. The first films I'd seen starring Sakura Ando, Shoplifters and 100 Yen Love, were simply great films, and I was deeply impressed with her acting ability. Next on my list, Love Exposure. There are many enjoyable moments in 0.5 miri, so it shouldn't be ignored, but it seems there are much better choices that won't tie you down for an overlong period of time.

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